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Hiding lycra under normal clothes...
More of a request for advice and suggestions really...

Recently I wore a pair of 100denier pantyhose with a pair of lycra leggings over the top under my clothes when I went to work. They are great to wear and easy to hide so noone notices.

I would love to be able to wear eaither my lycra leotard (long sleeve, turtleneck) or one of my swimsuits under my clothes to work too. However they must not be seen by anyone at work. The uniform is trousers and a light colour shirt... The best I can think of is wearing a light colour t-shirt under my shirt- hopefully the added layer would hide the colour of my leotard/swimsuit and the added thickness would hide the shape of straps... But I'm not sure that it would be 100% effective- if I stretch slightly and the shirt material tightens it might reveal a clear pattern of a swimming costume...

Any suggestions anyone?

The first thing that came to my mind. If you can, find a leotard (or a bodysuit) with long sleeves and closed back. You can wear it openly under your shirt. Even if the "inner" sleeves are visible, it will look like a thin t-shirt with long sleeves. Also, such leotards can be worn under suits without shirts.
Another thought. Swimsuits have "a pattern" of sleeveless shirts (or A-shirts, or singlets or tank-tops, etc). It's highly unlikely that someone will think that you are wearing a swimsuit instead of a sleeveless shirt. Someone may jokingly ask you if you are wearing a swimsuit, but without actually meaning it.

It's like I can say to a man pulling up his trousers when he's about to sit down:"Pulling up your stockings?" Guess what his feelings would be if he had indeed stockings underneath! ;-)
Hmm... good ideas and good points Ra.

The only leotard I have is a 'keyhole' back with sort off pop together buttons at the back of the neck. Swimsuits, I have three or four that would look mostly like tank tops at the top half (as long as their colour wasn't visible). Though they all have the cut-out circle lower down if you know what I mean... If the pattern of that could be seen, it would obviously be a swimsuit...
(12 Aug 2009, 21:15 )SwimBond Wrote: The only leotard I have is a 'keyhole' back with sort off pop together buttons at the back of the neck.
Are the buttons visible? If not there is a chance that the keyhole will not "pop out".
(12 Aug 2009, 21:15 )SwimBond Wrote: they all have the cut-out circle lower down if you know what I mean... If the pattern of that could be seen, it would obviously be a swimsuit...
Yeah, I bought a similar swimsuit last week. Dunno, needs testing. Do you have two mirrors?

Another point. If the outer wear (a shirt? a t-shirt?) is thick, loose, baggy and not skin tight, than I don't think the swimsuit (which is supposed to be skin tight) will be visible. Especially if you wear t-shirts on top of jeans or trousers (do bot tuck it under the belt).

But again, it all needs testing. Probably using a photo camera with delayed shooting?
Can you find a water-polo swimsuit somewhere? These swimsuits have no openings at the back. And supposed to be skintight (wearing one right now ;-)
I think the best I'd be able to get would be a leotard that fastens between the legs. Even a zip might look odd if the shape shows through a shirt. While a shirt is usually loose enough to hide anything beneath, stretching and reaching for things makes a shirt pull tight acroos the back... If is was a crotch fastening leotard then no matter what patterns can be seen it could easily look like a t-shirt.

So, a leotard with crotch fastening + 100denier shiney pantyhose + lycra leggings! Brilliant! All day coverage with noone knowing!

I need to find somewhere for a leotard like that... and get a swimsuit that has no hole in the back... I'm having difficulty looking for the leotard...
Zippers should not be a problem. Let's call them "designers t-shirt". But bodysuits with snap crotch is indeed the safest solution.
Speaking for myself - I do not care about any visible patterns. People usually do not care, and I do not care if they do care ;-D

But, of course, there are cases and there are cases.
Where I work, it is a very small group of people close to each other (at least pretty close for work mates). I think if they noticed they'd find it quite wierd, and being only a small number of us I couldn't avoid the conversations at all...

Anyway, found this: ebay leotard on ebay... I am very tempted! It doesn't say in the description, but I asked the seller and it has a crotch fastening! Smile

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