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Wimbledon and Serena Williams.
Phew! I'm glad it wasn't just me thinking she was wearing tights!

I did question my eyesight (or possibly her sanity, given the temperature) - especially when I didn't hear any of the commentators/pundits mention it.



Ah-ha I've found the reason

"When Williams returned to Grand Slam tennis at the French Open in May, she was sporting a black catsuit to help her deal with blood clots.

That was replaced at Wimbledon with a white long-sleeved dress and flesh-coloured compression tights,...."

 DeYvibjXcAAenVS.jpg    - But I must confess that she still doesn't 'do it' for me sexually

I wonder if she had something to hide...

Edit: Oh, I see @MadJack's post now. Yes, that was my other guess. Either hiding the skin or veins support.
Three more high-ish res pics from Round 1.

 sr1.jpg     sr2 .jpg     sr3.jpg   

Serena's on Centre Court this afternoon and I'll be ready for another shiny treat. I have my 'Serena watching' outfit ready so I'm hoping she doesn't disappoint and turn out with bare legs 😟
What outfit are you wearing?
Serena Is just wonderful, I love her.
The second match turned out to be a let-down fetish-wise! In fact I was disappointed enough to put the iPlayer recording of the match I was watching on hold and come here to warn you instead.

I managed to sneek a quick few seconds of the match at work this afternoon at work and sure enough, Serena was wearing the shiny tights. By the time I finished at work the match was over so I hurried home, all psyched up for an hour or two's edging. I dressed in the improvied 'Serena' watching outfit' I mentioned (and Tinker D asked about) seamed 'Wolford Satin de Luxe' tights in dark brown, a long-sleeved white leotard, matching dance skirt and women's trainers with whatever accessories I could find at next to no notice.

Test pics of the costume taken yesterday.

 SW1.JPG     SW3.JPG   

Trembling with excitement I put on the iPlayer: then came the huge disappointment - Serena was wearing shorts over her tights and under her skirt! 


I'm going back to finish watching the match now but there's no chance of the money shot I'd been praying for:


The only upside so far is that the commentators at least noticed her nylons this time.

She's through to the next round though so there's still another chance.
(04 Jul 2018, 18:59 )culmor Wrote: Serena was wearing shorts over her tights and under her skirt! 
Ha! That's expected. They always wear some kind of shorts under skirts!
(05 Jul 2018, 01:07 )Like Ra Wrote:
(04 Jul 2018, 18:59 )culmor Wrote: Serena was wearing shorts over her tights and under her skirt! 
Ha! That's expected. They always wear some kind of shorts under skirts!

Ummm… not always:

 0407SW19wimbledonv1.jpg     1024x1024.jpg   

What I see is "a some kind of thick shorts". And some skirts are "combined" with shorts (just had a proper look at one at Decathlon" )
Love your outfit.

Ok, the last time she just wore white panties over her tights. Right?
And this time she wore shorts.
Yea, that would be a let-down.

I would like to see the next match.

One more thing, wasn't she the one that created that stir about the brown panties? I remember something about about brown panties that look like she was wearing Nothing under her outfit.
Or was that someone else?

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