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What does it mean to be or to feel being a woman or a man?
Me and my wife were discussing femininity, masculinity, genders, and she asked me, "I don't know what it mean to feel myself a woman. Do you feel yourself a man? Or a woman? What does it mean to be or to feel as man? How do you feel it?"

And I couldn't answer any of those questions, because, well, I don't know... Do you?

And these are the key questions in all this gender stuff, because if we can't answer them, all statements like "I feel myself a female in a male body" make absolutely no sense.
Interesting question.
Unfortunately I have no idea how to answer this question.
At the bar, a tipsy lady asks loudly: “Is there a man here who can make me feel like a real woman?” One man gets up, takes off his shirt, throws it to a woman and says: - Catch, wash and iron!

Ironically, the question "What does it mean to be or to feel a man? How do you feel it?" on the forum CD / Xplay / TV / TS / TG / Drag
It is easy to answer from the point of view of the society:
Go hunting, repair a car, protect a family, don’t cry, don’t be emotional, endure pain, build a house, raise a son, plant a tree - feel like a “man”.
Pinocchio was sent to prison. The cell door slammed behind him. And the prosecutor, taking off his hat, said:
- Finally, I planted a tree! (In Russian, one word is used for imprisoning and planting)

IMHO, there is no such feeling. I can experience emotions divided by society into male and female.
As a rule, the expression "feel like a man" describes the delight, the satisfaction of completing difficult, heavy "male affairs".
On the other hand, I doubt that the dick will fall off from embroidery or knitting.

Regarding women, I can’t say 100% 😊, but for them to feel like a woman is to experience an emotional hurricane from a feeling of love, joy, happiness and carelessness.

Sorry for my english translator.
Apparently, all these "feeling like a man", "feeling like a woman", "be a man", etc are pure social constructs. Apart from pure physiology (the weight of breasts, periods, erections, womb contractions, beard, giving birth, etc) - there's nothing to it. In other words, your body is not you. Your body is just the food you have consumed. It's yours, like your possessions, but not you. Your possessions can not be you, can they? So what is it like to be or feel like a man or woman separately from the society? Imagine, there is no society. Will you have any "gender issue" in this case? Will you feel (or will that matter) if you are a man or a woman?
(18 Jun 2020, 22:25 )Like Ra Wrote: So what is it like to be or feel like a man or woman separately from the society? Imagine, there is no society. Will you have any "gender issue" in this case?
If the memory is erased, then there will be no problem.
I am of the opinion that gender issues are related to what a person can receive (or so he thinks) in his natural sex. I don’t know how in your countries, but in my country a man must be a fighter, not express emotions, in good physical shape, earn money for his whole family and mother-in-law and do a favor to the government - die before retirement age.
Anyone who wants to can read the book Real Boys: Rescuing Our Sons from the Myths of Boyhood, where William Pollack accurately described "how to feel like a boy/man."
Sorry for my english translator.
Oh! In this respect... Are there any blind transgenders?
(15 Nov 2020, 03:55 )Like Ra Wrote: Are there any blind transgenders?
Oh, apparently yes. Interesting...

 The World’s First Blind Trans Politician.png
Quote:“I know I’m a woman because I know how I feel. There’s an inner sense you don’t need to have sight to know you feel female.”
A very interesting debate on this topic:


What do you think?
God I love it. 😉

I would have love to see a third part with Baltimore. I think they make a point about humans always wanting to rationalise everything. Sadly, it's hard to fight science without science, but this is where they are interesting. They point so much the complexity of gender and sexuality that they point how much science is used to stigmatised people and how perturbing it can be.

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