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WTF? of the day (WTFOTD)
Quote:Are you wearing latex tight over latex shorts here?
No, rubber shorts over rubber tights over tulle fishnets over Capezio bodytights.
(23 Nov 2020, 00:27 )Culmor Wrote: rubber shorts over rubber tights
The rubber edge is absolutely not visible, hence the question

(23 Nov 2020, 00:27 )Culmor Wrote: over tulle fishnets over Capezio bodytights.
Aha, one more layer!
(22 Nov 2020, 20:20 )Like Ra Wrote:
(21 Nov 2020, 23:04 )ltxrob Wrote: Latex over Pantyhose???
Looks cool!

Think of:
(22 Nov 2020, 18:19 )Culmor Wrote: a different texture
or colour mix, or adding a glass shine to otherwise dull pantyhose (with interesting pattern, xolour, laxe, whatever), or adding 3d pattern, or ...  don't we have a separate thread for that?

OK I can get that its a texture thing...but as an appearance thing what doesn't make sense is in the vid I shared (that yes many of you many not have seen. ... as it was apparently private) she put black latex over pantyhose... not going to add anything pattern wise there!  🤔

ps.... I'll try to grab that vid and put it in my public videos
(21 Nov 2020, 23:04 )ltxrob Wrote: Latex over Pantyhose???


updated with a public link.. (when its finished uploading)
(22 Nov 2020, 21:21 )Like Ra Wrote: Are you wearing latex tight over latex shorts here?

... almost an EOTD, actually...

Almost?! Very nice Culmor.

On another topic, I think I'm developing a "putting on clothes" fetish... Seeing her put on those pantyhose really got me going this morning. Is there a category for this Ra?
(24 Nov 2020, 19:46 )bondagetom1 Wrote: Is there a category for this Ra?
Of course! Legs represent dicks.

Found on tumblr

Seen that. Looks cool!
(24 Dec 2020, 17:51 )krinlyc Wrote: Found on tumblr


I've seen pics from that scene before but I don't know where the inflatable comes from.  Does anyone know who makes it?
(25 Dec 2020, 01:14 )essanym Wrote: I've seen pics from that scene before
I even follow this twitter account, but I can't find it ATM...

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