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Vertical spread eagle
I have seen this, an love it.
Know i was thinking of an reliable release method, to make it possible for selfbondage.

This came on my mind.


It must be done at night, or in a room where its dark(no windows or what so ever. In the room you put in a light, with a timer for when it goes on and off.
Set the timer for few minutes, to get yourself in the position.
You lock your ankles and one hand with cuffs to the posts.
Your last hand will be locked by a combination lock.
The numbers on the lock can`t be seen when the lights are out, so you cant unlock yourself.
After a while(with the timer, you can choose when) the light will go on, you can see the digits and can unlock yourself.
Use more than 1 light, the make sure something will go on, even if 1 bulb would be/get burned out.
Also make sure your timer works.


The traditional ice release. Than you can use normal padlocks for both hands.
Just hang the key with string above you, with the lengte of the string just perfect so when its loose, you can grab the key with your hand.

P.S : For both methods make sure that you can reach the lock with that one hand !!
Also make sure that you can stand for al longer time in this position.
And a backup release is recommended.
Ask a friend to come over. In the morning offcourse, at night would be a bit weird. Also it would be your punnishment to wait till morning if you fail because you havent succeeded unlocking yourself.
If you fail of unlocking, that your friend can help you, even tho you will look stupid to him/her.
And if you do manage to get out, than you can just have a nice chat or so with him/her ☺

Let me know what you think, and if it would be safe/possible.
If so, i will try it out.

I am really concerned about the position - suspended by the wrists which are above the head. Someone already mentioned that it can become difficult to breathe after a while, this eventually leads to death. The other trouble is in the blood supply, especíally if you rely on a manual release (combination lock, or any lock with keys).

I think, this construction is worth a thought about the ming-vase-emergency-release. Basically, this is a release that you would never ever use unless you are in real danger or panicking, literally, having a valuable ming vase that you would have to destroy to get released instantly, any other valuable object will do. There is still one open question: What, if you faint?

Apart from that, I like the idea to be tied to a wall or rack, completely vulnerable with hands and legs separated. Although, especially the vulnerability would be much more interesting with a wicked partner. I still think of ways to make a temporary bondage pole. There are special props like these: These poles can be adjusted in length with a big screw and carry quite some weight. The ones available in DIY markets are useless, because too weak. Two of these poles would provice a nice rack for suspension bondage, perhaps with an extra horizontal rod in between - at least if the ceiling is strong enough.
Hanging by the wrist is dangerous, that true. But if you lock them on with very little of play on the chain, it should be less dangerous right ?
I`ve been thinking about this the last couple of days, and i think i have found a way to do it.

But let me know what you think.

If you could do this indoors, and use combination locks with the time release method ?
And you make shure that you can reach the lock when your locked into place ?

That it should be safe right ?

And as a backup, you lock the combination lock to a padlock to the post or chain of whatever your locking yourself on to, and the padlock key is with an ice release ?

Should it be safe that way ?

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