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Vacbed Lines
i have a nice Vacbed with neck-opening and i use it for selfbondage.
I know.....its dangerous.....that guy from kink engineering....what if your release doesn´t work....blablabal...i know, but my constuction and release (magnetic valve und a special tube in ice construction as backup) work perfekt! And i did it many times!

Now my question:

My Vabed is out of 0,6mm strong Latex! I often got those lines (vacbed love bites) from the vacuum around my upper body. They don´t disturb me, but i don´t like the annoying questions: "OMFG...what is that!?! You have to go to the doctor! Now! It looks like you have a blood poisening!" Dodgy if you would know...Tongue

Have you any idea how i can prevent those lines??? I got a vacuum-pressure-switch on the pump that sucks the air out, but if i set it on minimum the vacuum is not strong enough to tie me down and if i set it a little higher i got those lines again!

i tried it with much lube... (felt good but i could move and i had lines Dodgy )
i tried it without lube (lines Dodgy )

i thought about buying a Zentai. Surely that would work but i want to feel the Latex!

Does it work with a Latex catsuit? I can imagine that you get lines to, if it doesn´t fit really perfect.... and i sadly don´t have one which fits really good...

any ideas......???
My first thought was - do not go "there" naked. A zentai suit (or pantyhose on legs and arms and a swimsuit) with would be a good solution, but if you want to feel latex, why don't you buy a latex suit? It should not be a latex zentai, it even should not be a catsuit. A latex surfsuit (Or a "closed" swimsuit) with separate gloves and stockings costs much less, but very effective.
Where can I get directions on how to make a vacbed

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