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Turn water into a gel/solid...

First post here!

Was just thinking about bondage/sb ideas and came across (no pun intended) this:


It's a polymer they use in things like nappies/diapers to absorb water (well, urine, etc).

If you add it to water it rather quickly turns into a solid gel like substance, and I'm fairly sure it's non-toxic seeing as they're letting kids play with it in that video...

So my idea was along the lines of, get into a bath or similar container, filled with water, and tip a small bucket of the polymer in, encasing yourself in the gel.

Of course I've no idea how strong the stuff is, you might just be able to burst out of it pretty easily. Could be an interesting sensation though!

Might have to get hold of some and do some experiments.
Looking at what it turns into I'm not sure about self-bondage ;D

I wonder how adhesive this polymer is. If it is too sticky, it will ruin everything it's put into. Gord (from House of Gord) did something similar with his model. He put her into a container with, AFAIR, montage foam.
Steven Spangler's series do have something interesting. I was always wondering if these toys can be used for something ... naughty:


Also see this video:


Self-inflating dildo's/plugs!
Very interesting!

I'm fairly sure I know the Gord video/shoot you're talking about, where they used expanding foam to half encase a woman turning her into a block of expanded foam. That stuff is very, very unsuitable for any kind of self bondage play (and most pair/group play) due to it's toxic fumes and highly adhesive properties.

I don't think that the polymer I was talking about is very sticky, certainly not once set, but obviously I've only seen it done in a glass, which isn't very easy to adhere to. I'm sure you probably wouldn't want to do it on bare skin though, or at least skin with hair on it!

Also one thing I hadn't considered would be the disposal involved in getting rid of a bathtub of the stuff...
You know, you might want to try Knox Gelatine. But be careful, it gets rather strong in large quantities. However, it also has a small temprature range in which it stays stable, so anything above this and it melts. It should be noted that Gelatine does dissolve in polar solvents, such as Acetone, or even simple water. So, if you had the guts and the resources, in theory you could put yourself in a block of cold gelatine, and then simply let it melt you out. i'd still recommend only putting yourself up to your wrists in it, so if you panic you can still get your arms free, and dig yourself out. However, this is mostly theoretical. If it works, though, lemme know!
The biggest hazard on foam/cast materials is that some of them generate ludicrous amounts of heat while setting. Enough to literally cook a person alive. has a good warning article about it. Take care.
Also some materials expand (or shrink) while setting...
I think I would prefer latex paint instead - the stuff that can be painted on the body and then turns into a skin, not ordinary paint for bathrooms. It could be interesting to have a bath in it, then step into a small bowl also filled with latex paint and let it dry. It should turn into a seamless sleeveless overall with one solid foot piece and no apparent way out. Well, it might be a tad expensive, but I think that sooner or later I will try latex paint in the usual way.
kinda going off topic but what happens if you liquid latex paint latex clothes?
(11 Oct 2010, 04:40 )ben63376 Wrote: kinda going off topic but what happens if you liquid latex paint latex clothes?


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