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New release with water for outside use
Hi all, I have not been on for a while but I have been having some great outdoor fun. Sorry to say my last water device left a bit to be desired and ice is just no good for me as melts to soon before I get out and about and having fun. I therefore came up with this little device, it works great and I will test it in the field tonight for the first time and give you all up date latter. Well here we go, I put in picture hope it is readable
Well at top on this length of batton, there is an eye to hook on first elastic band. Then there is a small elastic band to suit the job. then hanging on this is a small length of bar with an eye welded at each end. This bar passes through the two lower eyes and on the bottom end of the bar is a weak link, (mine is mad out of wool.) This weak link is what will be in between the two eyes when all the water in the bottle hanging on end of it has ran out.
The elastic band at the top; when the water is out of the bottle lifts the empty bottle till just the weak link is in between the two eyes then you can pull on the restraint and break this weak link
While there is any water in the bottle however the iron bar is in between the two eyes and going through the eye that holds your final restraint, so you can not pull the restraint out.
Now on top and bottom of batton i have two ties that I intend to tie the batton to one of the four trees that I use to spread myself eagle.
As a back up i will place a sharp knife at hands reach and if I need to i can reach out and cut the weak link.
If the week link should break by accident the the top elastic band will pull the iron rod up and free you. if the top elastic bad should breaks by mistake the water bottle will pull the iron rod right down and free you.
Now note i made the iron rod and put the two eyes on my self and i then ground the ends by the two eyes so as there is no way they can catch and will pass cleanly through the two eyes ever time. I have tested and tested. But mind you with the back up knife i will be safe any way but I do want to spend time tied up and not repairing my kit, so i tested it to hell and back and know it will work every time. I will post tomorrow and let you all know, how i get on
I forgot to draw in the eye that holds the rope that you tie your arm to, but i think you will all see that the eye goes in between the two main eyes. If any one has any question please fire away i will get back to you Paul
Ps don't forget to put hole in bottom of water bottle????

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Well to let you all know, I had two and a half great hours tied, my device worked great. I will add though, I forgot to take back up knife and i made the mistake of letting the water bottle rest on the ground in amongst the leaves. I then tied my last arm now as the bottle is well over heavy when it is full, i did not see any sign of it starting to rise for some time, indeed not until the last fifteen minutes. Now laying there helpless was a great feeling. I only wished I could have got to myself to play as well, but i was spread eagle. Also I had not gone to the loo for some time, I found that after about and hour i had to go. Well i had to lay there and watch it as it shot up into the air only to come back all over me. Now I enjoyed it. Also I will add that before I tied myself i had covered myself with a water based lube and had given myself a great rubbing all over and now this water I was putting on myself was only wetting down the dried lube, i got quite turned on by it.
Well after about an hour and a half i looked up and as I could not see the amount of water left in the bottle or see if the ground was getting wet, I started to wonder if the water was in fact coming out of the bottle or was it being stopped because the bottle was resting on the ground. You guessed it, there was only one hole and it was on bottom of bottle. Well thank god it was coming out and was I glade when I saw the band starting to pull up the iron rod,then after about another ten or fifteen minutes it had pull it till the weak link was in between the two eyes and I could pull and release myself. Well I will also add that had the water not left that bottle i would have well been stuck as i never used a weak link on the rope tie hook. Well I had great time hope some of you try this way and get back and let me know what you think of it I will use it lots now.
I have also changed the picture a little, as i never showed the rope tie point in last picture, Enjoy, Paul

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The new picture is definitely clearer, but I guessed how it works anyway. One question, though. How did you manage to tie yourself spread-eagle and use this release method?
(23 Jul 2011, 12:47 )Like Ra Wrote: The new picture is definitely clearer, but I guessed how it works anyway. One question, though. How did you manage to tie yourself spread-eagle and use this release method?

Hi there, thanks for getting back I do not know if you have been into self bondage for long, but I tied myself the same as I would even if I was just bound hands one end and feet the other. The other night i put all my four ties in place ready to use ( I am lucky where i play there are four small trees just spaced right fo me). I did not have the water bottle in place because as it has holes in it ready i needed to transfer water from another botle All four of my ties had loops in the ends that pull tight when arm or leg incerted and pulled, the ropes are then tight, there is no way to get either an hand or arm free. mind you a bit of carefull placeing to get the distance right. I then covered myself in lube and had a great rub and got it compleatly all over except my back. I then took of the ruber gloves i had used other wise my hands would have been slipping every where I touched, I love rubber gloves also they can be sexy;
I then filled the weight bottle with its water and put it in place by srceewing it onto it's top that is alway fitted on the device. i checked it was pulling the iron rod down as it had too. it was at this point then i realised that the bottle would be on the ground, I thought no more of it as knew device would still work. I then at once put my two legs in their ties, and moved my body so as they pulled tight. I then put my left arm in it's tie also and pulled it tight, i then reached out and put my right arm in its tie and pulled the short distance to pull the loop tight to be then fully tyed. Once all the loops are pulled tight there is no way to get free the ropes will not give enough free line. No I was as always, then well and truely tied and had to to stay the full rounds. GREAT.
I had a great time and only wish i had some one to play with. I have as much enjoyment working out my ideal and making them... almost .. as i do useing them.
I realy hope some of you try this and let me know how you get on. I love being tied and help less out in the wilds late at night and at the mersy of the eliments,
Have fun all, cheers, Paul
PS; Next time i am out i will take a flash picture of the ties in place and the rest of my set up.. you know; ground sheet and soft blanket on top of that. I like to be tied but i also like my comforts, as the other night I was tied for what seemed like an eternity, thought it was just over two and half hours. I love the bit when i start to think I have had enought and try to figger out a quicker way out, and then when i can't find one I get fear, worry and excitment, all in the same time, also I start to think
"what if some other kinky sod is out and about this early in the morning?"
But i love it and I hate it all at the same time... I can not explain it, but i fill you all know what i mean. Have fun Paul
One of your arm ties must be connected to the time-lock, right?

There are two problems with spread-eagle self-bondage:

o- Self-tightening loops can be accidentally tightened too tight. Every pull will result in tightening, what may cut off blood circulation and destroy nerves

o- Careful measuring in necessary. You should barely able to reach the loops. Another solution is to use one-way pulling devices, but it's very difficult to pull in the spread-eagle position. I tried this only once:
Sorry I have not got back on before now, I was on hol's.
Yes I have thought about the loops going tight, but the rope i use is quite thick and ridged, when you pull on it it will go tight but to get it to stay tight there is not much chance, but stay tight enought so as you can not get an arm out, i have done test on it. it is rope left over from my boating days ... achor rope and while it is new it is good to use. I only put my one arm in the release rope and I did intend to have knife handy but had forgot it. I am hoping to get out again in the week for some more fun.
By the way the lube i use to play with is call J lube, I buy it on line it is a powder and come in a ten ounce bottle £19, and will mix up to 6 to 8 gallons depends how thick you want it and is well slippy. When it drys however it leave hardly any thing on you, as to make up a pint of lube, all you use is about one tea spoon of the powder and add water, so after you have covered yourself in a pint of it all you have left on your dry skin is that one tea spoon of powder. mind you not that you notice it. I have bath then when I get back home early next morning, and all I wear home is a boiler suit.
Well I hope I get some other try this release as it is safe as houses. Cheers all Paul
I always use J-Lube. Here's a link to it on eBay.

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