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Hm... Very neat... Now I wonder what happens in two cases.
It looks like there’s a piss condom slightly poking out underneath in the second photo. I doubt any “removable” glue would be strong enough to hold him together in that shape for long. I’m betting he’s committing for the long-term. Surgical glue?
(06 Sep 2018, 18:28 )TightSlip Wrote: Surgical glue?
Cyanoacrylate you mean? It's too thin to create such thick layer, I think. Any hi-rez photos?
This thread mentions the use of Dermabond glue or standard surgical tape:


There are two more bigger series of images, but I still do not understand how it's done 😁

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I tried the tucking in the shower. I easily got my testicles to go up into the canals, but all that it does is pootch out my skin above. I can fold everything after that and possibly tape it all together. Unfortunately either I’m doing things wrong with my balls, or they’re too big.
At 68 Years old my 45 years of crossdressing I got a Hernia last December. Now I have to wear a Truss. Not a fetish I desired or considered.
Very nice, very tucked...
Since I am a MtF transgender woman I have been looking for ways to tuck, and I found the perfect gaff while shopping online. There is a pocket in the back where you put your penis so you don't need to take it off to relieve yourself.

Just my 2 cents on the subject


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 51Y5mZSx43L._AC_SX679._SX._UX._SY._UY_.jpg     51KNLz0kt4L._AC_UX679_.jpg   
I've seen that one a number of times while shopping online. The only problem I run into is none of them are large enough to fit either my hips or cover that entire groin area.

Curse my American sizing! 😝

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