Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
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Trans rubber nun.

Short but nice, you have to wonder what she's wearing under her habit...Cool
Nice indeed, he does not look like a man at all.
I've just stumbled across her Flickr page:

He/she's got the stockings I used to have:
I just bought one of these Nun head-dresses from DeMask, it arrived today. I started to write screeds about it but no, just believe me, the combo of skin-tight and loose-and-floppy rubber both of exactly the right weight and thickness is absolutely awesome.
Sorry for sounding like an advert...but I'm still off somewhere in rubber-space...
(25 Jan 2011, 22:24 )culmor Wrote: but I'm still off somewhere in rubber-space...

Are you back yet? Wink

I'm thinking about a loose long dress (with a hood?) worn over a tight catsuit.
Quote:I'm thinking about a loose long dress...worn over a tight catsuit.

I'm awaiting delivery of the long loose dress from another manufacturer Big Grin I intend to wear it over the transparent zipless catsuit I've already posted, sounds like we think alike...
I envy you again (in a good sense Wink )

Still no rubber fun for me. No energy, no encouragement, no excitement, no time, no place. In short - no motivation, lots of ideas. Playing with PHP instead Big Grin
Quote:I'm thinking about a loose long dress (with a hood?) worn over a tight catsuit.

So am I...
Nice! I really like the transparent catsuit. Its even got attached feet. Great!

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