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"Totally Spies"
I wish I knew where this portal was...

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Totally Spies deserve an own thread, I think Big Grin
They did seem to spend a lot of time getting tied up...
I wonder how Totally Spies passed the censorship. Pity, TS did not exist when I was a kid Tongue

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It doesn't get a lot of love, hence often known as 'Totally Despised'.

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I remember watching it as a teenager here in the UK.
Was aware of the cat suits being worn, but can say I ever made a connection to them being constantly tied up.
My point exactly. Fetish & bondage animated series for kids. Apparently the French (like the Japanese ) know something Tongue

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On my favourite Rule 34 site there are well over eight hundred 'Totally Spies' fakes of which perhaps ten are interesting. And a couple of those are in rather poor taste. Grrr.
(08 Dec 2015, 23:13 )culmor Wrote: And a couple of those are in rather poor taste. Grrr.
Agree, cleaned up a bit Big Grin Years ago I downloaded a dozen of TS based futanari comics, and they are even worse Big Grin
Ra, believe me, your pics were VERY mild compared to  the ones I was referring to.  I wrote 'are' when I should have wrote 'were', apologies.

Should we have a link to the lovely Sam in the cosplay thread?