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Tips for Getting a Cage on?

I've had a glance about (including a google search), but couldn't see this addressed anywhere on the forum, or any helpful hints online. I do think this community has to be the best place to ask though!

I have a cage with a solid steel ring, and every time I try to get it on, I have a real struggle getting both balls through the ring. I'm using the largest size ring that's available, but it's just a real pain getting in every time. Does anyone have any good tips or techniques?
Try one ball at a time??

Try a lubricant if some form.
KY jelly, J lube, cooking oil, butter maybe?
My major struggle was always those thick latex sheaths... As for the rings: one ball, stretch the skin, another ball, then penis. If it's too difficult, try the cuff-like hinged rings.
Thanks both - I did manage not long after next time I tried. One ball at a time and just squeezing them through always works eventually, and did this time. I usually go for some lube for the shaft, but have somehow never considered it for the balls. Will give it a go next time!
Or do not use devices with rings at all, think of something like this:
(14 Oct 2020, 16:52 )Like Ra Wrote: Or do not use devices with rings at all, think of something like this:

Something like that would be really nice  😁 especially like the idea of locking a plug in place with the same lock.

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