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The ultimate latex anything
If only something like this were made
(17 Aug 2011, 06:56 )bondagelover Wrote: If only something like this were made

Yeah, it was a stimulating story. There was one thing I was thinking. At one point in the story, Jo (the main protagonist) was wearing jeans, but she conveniently removed them before she got mummified. However, if she did not remove them, what would have happened? How does the mummification work when she's wearing jeans? The ...thing... would be underneath the jeans, but in order to tie the legs together it would have to cover the jeans as well, or to somehow remove the jeans first. What if she held her arms extended above her head, would it mummify her in that position, despite the formula having been written to not accommodate arms in that position?
Interesting thoughts.
Programmable latex sheets. Interesting indeed. I had a similar dream ( ) when I was a kid, but I did not know about either latex or "programming" at that age ;-)
I was wondering the same thing about the jeans and arms really
Here are some pics of a lady dressing in latex.

ga110_01[1].JPG thumbnail    ga110_02[1].JPG thumbnail    ga110_03[1].JPG thumbnail    ga110_04[2].JPG thumbnail    ga110_05[1].JPG thumbnail    ga110_06[2].JPG thumbnail    ga110_07[1].JPG thumbnail    ga110_08[3].JPG thumbnail    ga110_09[1].JPG thumbnail    ga110_11[2].JPG thumbnail    ga110_12[1].JPG thumbnail    ga110_13[2].JPG thumbnail    ga110_14[1].JPG thumbnail   

Wow. I remember that from way-back when!
(08 Oct 2011, 19:54 )latexpert Wrote: Hi Ike can you please reverse the order of these. Thanks

It's quite easy to do:

o- Click on Edit -> Full Edit
o- Remove all inserted attachments from the text [ attachment= xxx ]
o- Click on "Insert into Post" buttons in the correct order
o- Click "Update post"

She look lovely doesn't she?