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The fetish world of Andy Watson (aka Andy Latex)
As a huge fan of Andy's work, I truly envy those who is about to discover him. His sense and experience of (also forced) feminization and sissification fetish is very close to being perfect. Andy is also very productive and can be found on these sites (is anything missing?)

There is one issue - there is no order in what Andy creates and publishing. The discussions under posts are also interesting. So, the question is - how to save and order Andy's work? Any ideas?

And, of course, please post you favourite Andy's pictures and quotes!

And, even more important, support Andy on Patreon! Talents must be supported!
BTW, Andy's YouTube account has been banned and his content is pretty much soft and almost vanilla. Yet another reason to avoid YouTube.
Grouped images:

I think it's a good idea to upload them here. Pinterest also blocks accounts for no reason.
(13 Feb 2021, 01:01 )Like Ra Wrote: support Andy on Patreon!
I subscribed. That's the first and only Patreon creator I ever subscribed to. For some reason, Andy's art hits me quite deeply. $3.63 ($3 + Patreon tax) is not that much for that.

Please support content creators! (And do remember to donate to this site 😋)
Am I imagining it, or Andy's right hand is showing us something?

 Pink or Nothing.jpg   
Are you being particularly obscure today Ra?  😉
Andy's cubitus valgus looks a lot more typically feminine than male.

Or does he just have his fingers crossed because he's telling a fib about his not seeing his Aunt's post-it? That'd mean that he consciously dressed in black just so he'd be forced to wear nothing...that doesn't sound very Andy-ish though. I think he'd go for the pink every time.
(09 Dec 2021, 23:41 )Culmor Wrote: cubitus valgus

I meant this:

 Pink or Nothing - right hand.jpg   
Compare it with, for example, this:

Oh yes, and at the same time this:

 Pink or Nothing - left hand 666.jpg   


Yeah, Andy... I need to look more closely at what you are drawing!!!!
Can anybody explain what's happening here?

 Pink or Nothing - earring.jpg   

Smoke? Snake? Genie?

Contributors: AndyLatex (2) , Culmor (16) , Like Ra (24)