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The best way to tie hands behind your back when using a karada

I have been trying to add bound hands/arms to the karada, but I havent found any methods of properly doing so when applying it on myself.

I dont have a girlfriend to put it on me either. Is there a way (using rope) to get yourself into a proper hogtied/frogtied position whilst connecting it to a karada?

Thanks for the help.
Oh, yes. I've even made a photo session, explaining one of the methods. But as always - no time.

OK, i will start with this particular session.
I've been thinking of taking the rope from the karada over the arms and double. Then cinching the rope between your body and the arms (under the armpits) Just like the non-translated chinese karada tutorial.

Problems: Im not sure how to tie up the cinching part, like should I use 1 rope for both sides and tie it in the front, or two small pieces of rope and some sort of way to tie it together whilst im being hindered by the same rope haha.

I could do one side first and then the other of course.
In a nutshell, I used cinch noose/pulling rope/SRD method. The SRD was connected to the knee rope, and the pulling rope was going from the SRD to the upper-rare point of karada then down to the wrist coil. Got the idea?
oh I get it yeah. What did you use to for pulling the pulling rope? Your hands in the wrist coil? or the knees?
My hands. If you pull the rope up with your bound hands, the rope (through the SRD, karada) will also pull your hands up. To ease up the movement you can arch your back, then use the whole body to tighten the rope.

Please note, if you overtighten the rope (when your back is arched) you will be barely able to move. This method can be as strenuous as you want.
I might be going to check that out.

Do you have any extra tips on tying yourself up like the girl in that chinese tutorial (the one with the single or double wraps around the arms) ?
Not really. But you can make (tie?) karada in many ways. You may to check the Self-Bondage Technique and completed Sessions for some ideas.

O know it takes lots of time and efforts, but you may want to play with different karada styles and see which one you like best.

BUT! Do keep a good knife nearby. You might tie yourself a bit too effectively.

And... do not forget the mandatory accessories - a gag and a butt-plug. You never know how good (pleasurable) your dry run could be ;-P
hehe, yes I wont forget the knife. i have two actually, so I have more chance of reaching one of them.

And I wanted to get the thing right and properly set before the rest comes into play. It takes preparation indeed. i want it to look good and tight at the same time Wink
Can you by any chance make some photos?

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