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The "Why do I want this so badly?" thread
Ok, this is a test. I think, it should work. In my life, there were a few items, that I simply had to have. And I have no clue, what made me want these. No self-hypnosis involved, I don't do that at all. The idea is to put such things here, perhaps even with possible explanations, if known. If you have no explanation, perhaps others have. Sometimes it is difficult to spot the obvious. Apart from that, fetish doesn't always have a logical explanation.

Without further ado, here are two must-have items for me, one achieved, the other one might be impossible.

Example one - oysho jacket (the girl inside is not part of the fetishy desire):



The obvious points are colour, material, the shininess and the hood, all triggers for me. But there is something else. I might be out of luck, this jacket is out of production for years.
"Wanna have" is not exactly the correct description, "craving" seems to be closer (actually not anymore, but for months after I had discovered these pictures).

Example two - Hunter's poncho in red




Here I am clueless. Yes, it is a vinyl poncho with a hood and the colour is jumping at me. But there are probably thousands of other ponchos quite like this one, but they don't have this appeal to me. And again, it is not about the nice models inside! In Germany, these ponchos are rare at the moment, but I was lucky on ebay.

Well, I am looking forward to your comments and your own special items. By the way, this thread might help find something that seems unavailable...
Military Jeep.
That’s my number one must have.
Sometimes looking for an explanation as to why the desire exist will cause more stress than just accepting it exist!
Ohhhh, I gave so many explainable and unexplainable desires! Here’s the one haunting me for years, until I finally got those cuffs!

I almost got an HFO while watching a video of a girl self-cuffing herself in the Kub cuffs!
Why do we have fetishes thread -
(15 Dec 2021, 12:09 )Like Ra Wrote: Ohhhh, I gave so many explainable and unexplainable desires! Here’s the one haunting me for years, until I finally got those cuffs!

I almost got an HFO while watching a video of a girl self-cuffing herself in the Kub cuffs!

Quick note: I never had any fetish for handcuffs!
I got the Hunter poncho 😊
It is pretty much as nice, as I expected: PVC, a bit thicker material, not too sticky, not shiny and a bit on the short side (being XS/S). It covers my crotch and a bit below, but not my rear.
And it has a special feature that I like: The drawstring has two parts, one to adjust the hood and one to adjust the neck. The string is elastic, so there is only a small chance to choke myself. When the neck is made smaller, it also makes the hood fit better!
Apart from that, it is probably worth its money. Good craftsmanship etc.
I had this 'must have' experience with a vinyl clutch bag recently, I've no idea why but I had to buy it.

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