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The Tie-up Club
Tie-up Club part 1 g/g, bd, nosex

13 year old Darla found some bondage magazines in the trash and is fascinated by the pictures and tries self bondage and is caught in the act by her 7 year old sister Diana who instead of freaking out helps her finish the job and becomes her Mistress

Tie- up Club part 1

Thirteen year old Darla watched as her parents car backed out of the drive way and disappeared down the street they would not be home till late and her seven year old sister was over at a friend’s house and would be for several hours. While she liked little Diana she preferred that she be not around while she was doing this. She pulled a box out from under her bed and dumped it out. There were two rolls of duct tape, a bunch of clothesline and a small knife... and several bondage magazines that she found in the trash where an old house was cleaned out. She didn't know why but she was fascinated by them and had been tying herself up quite a bit ever since she found them. It was fun but she was frustrated by the fact that she could not really tie herself up so she was truly helpless. But she did what she could.

She pulled one from the stack and opened it up to a page that had a picture of a naked woman with her ankles tied to her thighs a rope around her waist and run through her crotch and her forearms bound in parallel in front of her and tied to her torso just below her breasts. With another rope binding her upper arms above her breasts. Darla laid out the ropes and tape. Then stripped off her clothes laying them on her dresser except for her panties, she put them on her bed. She picked up the first piece of rope and tied it around her waist so that both ends were the same length and knotted it and placing the knot under her belly button she drew the ends down between her legs and through her pussy lips up between the crack in her butt and looped them through the rope in the back and brought it back between her legs running them on the out side of her pussy and tying them off. She climbed up on her bed and lay on her back and tied her ankles to her thighs. After she did that she picked up her panties wadded them up and placed them in her mouth then she took the roll of duct tape and cut a strip off and put it over her mouth then she cut another one and placed it diagonally and took a third and put it diagonally the other way finally she took a piece and put it under her chin and ran it up her cheeks on either side of her face. Satisfied that her mouth was firmly sealed she started to wrap rope around her arms.

Diana had come home early because her friend was sick. She walked by her sister’s room and noticed the door was open a crack and was about to go in when she saw her sister was naked and wrapping rope around her waist and through her legs. She stood quietly and watched her sister as she applied her self bondage she also noticed that one of the magazines with the odd pictures of tied up women the she had under her bed was open on it. She watched silently until Darla started to wrap the ropes around her arms and seemed to have trouble with it then she walked in.

"Hold on Darla I'll help you with that." Diana offered

Darla looked over at her sister in shock. Naked and gagged she could do little as she started to pull her arms out of the ropes letting out a little squeal through the gag Diana walked up to her and observed.

"You are trying to tie your self up like that woman," She said pointing at the picture in the magazine. "I can help you." She announced as she picked up a coil of rope and started to stretch it out.

Darla sat for a moment she did not feel comfortable with the idea of her seven year old little sister catching her like this but on the other hand she had wanted to be tied truly helpless and here was her chance. She nodded her head. Diana took the rope a full length coil and doubled it over bringing it so that the ends were even, she looped it over her sisters arms and drew the ends through the loop then she started to wrap Darla's forearms together so that her hands were on her elbows and rope covered the entire length of her forearms. She then drew the ends around the coil and pulled them hard tightening the coil so Darla could not pull her arms apart. She then brought the ends around her back and tied them together around Darla's arms on the other side drawing her arms tight to her chest just below her budding breasts then she took another piece of rope and wrapped it around her upper arms and chest just above her breasts. Diane stepped back and surveyed her work. Darla tested the bonds out... Her little sister had done a real good job other than her fingers she could not move her arms at all she sat still for a moment and then started to roll around the bed. Diana watched her for a moment.

"I did a good job, right?" She asked

Darla shook her head yes. Diana picked up the stack of bondage magazines and sat down in the chair in the room.

"I'm going to sit and check these out to get some more ideas on how to tie you up." She announced

Darla looked at her for a moment and realized that she could not do anything to stop her so she just rolled around and enjoyed her bondage. After about half an hour she started to get uncomfortable and started to yell into her gag Mmmph! Mummph mumph mummph! Diana looked up and watching Darla for a minute asked her

"You want to be let out?" She asked.

Darla nodded her head furiously. Diana walked over and pulled the tape off Darla's face causing her to give a loud squeal she spat out the panties.

"Could you let me out please?" Darla asked her little sister.

"Let me out please, what?" Diana demanded.

Darla looked at her sister in shock for a moment she knew her little sister was smart but had she read the stories in those books too?

"Let me out please, Mistress." Darla asked

Diana giggled and untied Darla's arms and the two of them untied her legs they decided to leave the crotch ropes in place for a while. Diana spoke first.

"You like to be tied up like those women in your books." She said more as a statement than a question.

Darla blushed a bit.

"Yes ever since I found them I have wanted to be tied up." Darla admitted.

"I found your books under your bed a while ago while I was chasing my hamster after she got out of her cage. I don't know why you like being tied up, but I had fun tying you up." Diana informed her.

"You did huh?" Darla asked.

"Yes you want to be tied up some more?? Diana replied. ?They got some neat ideas in those magazines."

"Okay Mistress tie me up again." Darla said.

Diana picked up a magazine and opened it to a picture with a woman tied to a chair with her legs pulled up on either side of her and tied to the back rungs with her feet over her head. Darla looked at the picture.

"OOO, that looks cool lets try it Mistress." She said

"Good, sit down slave." Diana ordered her.

Both girls giggled and Diana stripped off her clothes. Diana started by wrapping rope above and below Darla's breasts and tying a small rope to cinch them between her breasts. Then she wrapped her left arm to the side pole on the back of the chair and does the same to her right then wrapped more rope around her waist securing it to the back of the chair then she tried to lift up her left leg and found out that she could not hold it and tie it down as well.

"Darla your leg is too heavy I can't lift it." Diana announced.

"Well I guess you have to tie it to the legs of the chair." Darla responded.

"Yeah I guess." Diana grumped.

Diana proceeded to tie Darla’s legs to the chair legs them says.

"O.K. Time for your gag” Diana declared. “Open up."

Darla opens her mouth and Diana stuffs HER panties in her sister’s mouth and tapes it over. Darla notices that the panties seemed different, hers were satin these were cotton at that point she realizes that she had her sisters panties in her mouth and lets out a squeal. Diana just giggled and proceeded to sit in her lap. She reached up and started to gently stroke Darla’s nipples barely touching them. Darla started to giggle and squirm as her little sisters light touching is tickling. Diana then reached down and grabbed hold of the crotch ropes and started to tug them each tug rubbing the ropes against her older sisters clit. Every time the rope was pulled Darla gave a little squeak Diana found it funny and kept tugging the rope stimulating Darla's clit until finally Darla had a screaming orgasm and passed out. Horrified Diana ripped off the tape and pulled her panties out of Darla's mouth. Darla came to at that point and opened her eyes.

"Wow that was awesome" The teen gushed.

Diana looked at her fighting back tears.

"Darla are you aight?" She asked.

Darla looks at her little sister wide eyed.

"I just had one hell of an orgasm... Thank you... Mistress." Darla gasped.

"You liked that?" Diana inquired.

"That was incredible I loved it!" Darla gushed.

"You did?" Diana asked.

"Yes Mistress... Could you let me loose please I am kinda tired." Darla requested.

"O.K. that was freaky to watch!" Diana responded.

Diana started to untie Darla's arms and chest and they both free her legs Darla stumbles over to her bed.

"Wow I need a shower!" Darla declared.

"Yeah you are covered in sweat, " Diana confirmed

Darla looks down "Yeah."

She slowly stood up and stumbles to the shower while Diana gets dressed wearing the same now soggy panties her sister had in her mouth. She sits down and tries to figure out how to do her sisters legs like the woman in the picture. Then she had an idea. She would get her best friend Toby to help her. Darla comes out of the shower and puts on clean clothes.

"That was fun I want to do that again." She announced.

"Mom and dad are going out again tomorrow we can do it again and I got an idea how to tie your legs up like the woman in this picture." Diana declared.

"And how are you going to do that?" Darla asked.

*Giggle* "That's a surprise." The little girl responded.

"O.K. what ever you say Mistress." Darla said.

"I like being called that." *giggle* Diana said.

At that point they heard their parents car pull up in the drive way and quickly put away all their ropes and tape Diana picks up the magazines.

"These go in my room tonight." She informed Darla
bg/f, bd gdom.

When Diana discovers that she can not lift Darla's let to bind it to the back of the chair she recruits her Best friend Toby to help lift it. Darla is shocked when she discovers her self bound and naked in front of a 7 year old boy

Tie-up Club part 2

Diana had decided that the best way to tie-up Darla the way she wanted was to have her best friend Toby help they had known each other since they had been still in diapers they had been born with in a few days of each other and did everything together they were in the same class in school and were always over at each others houses. She was certain he could lift Darla's leg so it could be tied up to the back of the chair. She put the magazine with the picture of how she wanted to tie Darla in the bottom of her book bag. She met him in front of the school before they went to class.

"Hey Toby I need your help after school today." Diana called out.

"You need my help for what?" Toby asked.

"To tie Darla to a chair." Diana replied.

"You want to tie Darla up. Why?" Toby wanted to know.

"Because she likes to be tied-up." Diana told him matter of factly.

"She does?" Toby asked.

"Yes I got something to show you at recess today meet me in our 'Special' place." Diana told him.

"O.K." he replied.

Diana could barely pay attention in class. When the recess bell rang she grabbed her book bag and ran out to the back of the school were there are some big bushes that when you crawled under them you found an open space between the bushes and the wall that you could hide in she crawled into the space and Toby soon joined her she pulled out the magazine and showed Toby the picture that Darla had it opened to when she found her tying herself up. Toby just stared at it he had never seen a naked woman before. Diana spoke up.

"Darla had it opened to this page when I came home yesterday after I left your house she was tying herself up when I got home and I helped her do her arms." Diana informed him. Toby stared at the picture.

"W-w-was she naked like that?" He stammered.

"Yes she was." Diana responded. "She wrapped the rope between her legs like that tied her legs up and taped her panties in her mouth."

"She DID?" He asked in shock.

"Yes I had to help her with her arms." Diana told him.

"Why did she do that?" He inquired.

"She likes to be tied up." Diana said.

Diana took the magazine and opened it to the picture of the woman sitting in a chair with her legs tied to the back with her feet over her head.

"She wants to be tied like that but I can't lift her legs and tie them like that I need you to help me lift them up." Diana informed him.

"Okay I guess." Toby agrees.

"Cool come over to my house after school today." Diana tells him.

"Okay" He replies.

The Recess bell rang and they left to go back to class.

After school Diana came home and told her mother that Toby is coming over. Since this is normal her mother said fine, mean while Toby told his mother that he is going over to Diana's house she gave her okay. Shortly Toby arrived at Diana's house and they both go up to her room she pulled out the stack of bondage magazines and handed them to Toby.

"Darla found these." She told him.

Toby looked through them in awe.

"You mean ladies like to be tied up?" He asked.

"Yup and Darla is one of them." She told him.

"And she likes to be naked when she is tied up?" He inquired.

"Yup and I like to be naked when I tie her up." Diana responded.

They heard Diana's Father drive up the drive way and come in the house he talked to her mother for a while and then she called upstairs.

"Honey, your Father and I are going out tonight. Darla will be home shortly you do what she says and behave yourself, O.K?" She told her.

"Yes mommy." Diana replied.

Diana went down stairs and kissed her mother and father good bye. They leave and she ran back upstairs. She watched their car go around the corner and once it is out of sight she took off her clothes. She turned to Toby.

"You have to take your clothes off too." She told him.

"Why?" Why he asked.

"Because it's the rules you see the pictures they all have their clothes off." Diana pointed out.

"Oh okay" He said blushing as he took his clothes off.

Diana looked at him.

"Don't worry, it will be fun you'll see." She told him.

"You sure?" Toby asked.

"Sure trust me." Diana assured him.

They hear the front door open and as Darla comes in she giggled.

"Mistress, I'm home." She announced.

Diana shouts down the stairs.

"Good go to your room, get the stuff ready, take off your clothes and sit down in the chair." She orders her older sister.

*Giggle* "Yes Mistress"

Toby looks at Diana.

"She called you Mistress." He said in amazement.

"She likes to call me that." She whispered "Okay you stay here until I come get you and look at these magazines and keep quiet okay?"

"Okay" Toby responded.

Diana grabbed Toby's underpants and a black stocking cap and leaves to go into Darla's room. Darla is sitting naked in the chair and the ropes and tape are laid out on the bed.

"I am ready mistress." She said.

They both giggle.

"Good Slave." Diana responded.

Diana picks up a length of rope and wrapped it around Darla's chest under her small breasts securing it to the back of the chair. She then took a second piece and tied it above her breasts and then cinched them together between her breasts. Next she takes her left arm and wrapped it with rope from wrist to shoulder securing it to the upright of the back of the chair then does the same with her right arm. She then crammed Toby's underpants in Darla's mouth and taped it over. Then she took the stocking cap and pulled it over Darla's head covering her eyes.

"O.K. Darla I am going to get what I need to get your legs tied right." Diana announced.

"Mmmph?" Was all that Darla could get past the gag.

Diana goes to get Toby. He was looking at a magazine that has a picture of a guy having intercourse with a bound woman.

"Okay lets go now be quiet until I tell you to talk Okay?" Diana whispered.

"Okay." Toby responded.

They both entered Darla's room Toby stared at the naked teen bound to the chair in front of him. Diana motioned to him to help lift her leg up. The two of them took Darla's left leg and secured it to the back of the chair and do the same with the right one. Diana then secured Darla's knees to the back of the chair leaving her torso framed by her legs and her cunt was pulled forward to the edge of the chair. She turned to Toby.

"Well what 'cha think, does she look good like that?" She asked him.

Toby stared for a moment.

"Yes I guess she does." He finally said.

Darla heard Toby's voice and realizes that a seven-year-old boy is in the room she started shaking her head violently trying to get the stocking cap off and screaming into the gag. "Mmmph!"

Diana grabbed the stocking cap and pulled it off. The sight of two naked seven year olds greeted Darla. She looked at Toby and blushed Diana speaks up.

"Well do you like how it looks?" She asked the bound teen.

And stepped aside so Darla could see herself in the full-length mirror on the back of her door. Darla looked at the reflection and found it strangely turned her on. She nodded her head yes. Diana looked over at Toby and saw he has a hard on.

"Hey Toby look your dick is standing up." She told him.

Toby looked down and blushed. Diana looks at it and said.

"I wonder why it does that."

Toby looked at it then looked over at Darla and walked over to her and touched her twat.

"I was looking at some of the pictures and in some of them guys stuck theirs in here." He said.

Darla cringed a bit as Diana stated.

"Yeah I think I saw some like that. I wonder how that works?" She mused

"I think it goes like this." Toby said as he moved in front of Darla and started to push is little prick into her cunt. Darla realized that she is about to loose her virginity to a seven year old and tried to pull away but the way she is bound makes that impossible she screams into her gag "Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!?

The tip of his penis is barely able to touch Darla's clit and starts to push it in and out despite her displeasure. Darla starts to get aroused and as he kept thrusting his little tool into her she has an orgasm and passes out. Toby jumps back in terror.

"What happened?" He asked in terror.

"She did this yesterday she called it an orgasm... I think she liked it." Diana stated.

Darla regains consciousness and looks around. Diana looks at her.

"I think we better untie her." She said.

She pulls the tape off her face and pulls Toby’s underpants out of Darla's mouth. Toby looks at them.

"So that's where you went with them." He observed.

Diana is holding them up Darla looks at them.

"You put those in my mouth?" She asked.

"Yup I did. How did he taste?" Diana replied.

Darla thinks for a moment.

"Different" She said.

The two kids untie Darla who slumps in the chair she examined her genitals and discovered that Toby was so small that he failed to rip her hymen, much to her relief. Toby looked at her.

"Did I hurt you?" he asked.

"No but that was quite an experience. I almost lost my virginity to a little kid. You are a little young to be doing that you know." She told him.

"I guess so." Toby said blushing.

While Toby and Darla were talking Diana was tying a rope around her waist and though her pussy and started to work it back and forth. Darla looked over at her.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"I want an orgasm too" Diana replied.

"I don't think you are old enough to be able to do that yet." Darla declared.

"Oh poo!" Diana exclaimed.

Darla got up slowly and walked over to her bed and laid down the two younger kids lay down with her. Toby spoke up.

"That was fun we should do that again sometime." He said.

Darla looked at him and giggled.

"Fine it looks like I have a little master to go along with my little mistress." She said.

"Yup, I guess I am your master now." Toby replied.

The phone rings Diana answers it was Toby’s parents were calling to tell them to send Toby home for dinner.

"Okay Tell her I will be home shortly." He told her.

He picked up his underpants.

"Ugh they are all wet!" He announced. He pulls them on anyways and goes to Diana's room to get the rest of his clothes and after putting them on he went to leave.

"Bye Master." Darla called out.

He giggled.

"Bye Slave." He said.

"Bye Toby." Diana said.

"Bye Diana see you in school tomorrow." He responded as he left to go home.

"It looks like we are starting a club here" Darla commented.

"Yeah a Tie-up Club." Diana added.

"Right." Darla agreed
bg/gf, bd, cons

Darla baby sits Toby and his little sister who catches the older kids in the act and joins the fun.

Tie-up Club part 3

It had been a few days since Diana and Toby had tied up Darla they had been trying to figure out how to do another tie-up session when Toby's parents came over and asked if Darla could baby sit Toby and his little sister Tracie Friday night, Darla agreed. Diana asked if she could visit while Darla was babysitting and was told she could.

Friday night came and the girls packed up their "Toys" and brought them along. Toby and Tracie's parents gave Darla some last minute instructions told the kids to behave and mind Darla and left for the night Diana and Toby went up to his room and started to lay out the ropes and stuff and stripped naked. Meanwhile Darla was watching TV with Tracie. At 8:00 she told Tracie it was time for bed and had her change into her pajamas and soon Tracie was in bed asleep. Darla then walked to Toby's room knocked on the door

"Master I am ready for you now." She announced.

The two younger kids giggled.

"You may enter and take your clothes off now." Diana told her.

Darla opened the door giggling, then proceeded to remove her clothes and stand in the center of the room. Diana wrapped a rope around Darla's waist and making sure the ends are even tied a knot over her navel then she pulled the ends between her pussy lips up through the crack in her butt drew it through the rope around her waist then brought them back through between her legs around the out side of her pussy and tied them to the front of the waist rope again. Toby points to the bed.

"Sit down here." He ordered the teen.

"Yes Master." She replied

With that Darla proceeded to sit on the edge of the bed where Diana crossed Darla's ankles and tied them together. At the same time Toby tied anther rope below her knees. Then he tied one above her knees while Diana tied Darla's elbows together. Diana then tied Darla's wrists together with her hands palm to palm while Toby wrapped ropes around Darla's upper arms and chest above and below her breasts and cinching them together between her breasts. Diana speaks up.

“O.K. slave roll over on your belly." The almost eight year-old Dom ordered her older sister/slave.

"Yes Mistress." *giggle* Darla responds. Darla lays backwards squirms around and rolls over on her belly. "Like this Mistress."

"Yes slave that looks good." Diana replied

In her room Tracie has heard the giggling in the other room and has decided to find out what it is all about. Getting out of bed she walked over to her brothers room to find out what is going on. Mean while Diana was tying Darla's wrists to the crotch rope and Toby was tying another rope to Darla's ankles to complete the hog-tie when four year old Tracie walked in. She stared wide-eyed at the scene for a moment.

"What are you guys doing to Darla'" she asked innocently.

The kids turn around to look at the four year old. Toby spoke first.

"Tracie, what are you doing out of bed?" He asked her

Tracie ignored him and walked over to the bed with a look of concern on her face.

"Darla what are they doing to you? Are you O.K.?" She asked.

Darla looks at the little girl.

"Don't worry it's okay I like being tied up." She told Tracie.

"Really?" The little girl asked all wide-eyed.

"Yeah it's fun." Darla tells her.

Tracie looked at her for a moment and peels off her pajamas and panties.

"Do me like that too!" She demanded.

Diana looked at her.

"Are you sure?" Diana asked the pre-schooler.

"Yeah do me like that too!" Tracie said

"Okay but you have to call me Mistress and Toby Master." Diana told her.

"Okay Mistress." Tracie replied

Diana went over to Tracie and tied a crotch rope on her and tied her elbows and wrists together. At the same time Toby took the rope he tied to Darla’s ankles and tied it to the rope around her upper body and pulled it tight before he ties it off. Diana ties a rope to Tracie's elbow rope and around her chest and then ties her wrists to her crotch rope. She then picks Tracie up and puts her on the bed where she proceeded to tie her legs like Darla’s and finished it by tying her ankles to the rope around her chest. Darla looked at Tracie.

"Do you like it?" She asked

Tracie struggles a bit.

"It feels weird especially the ropes between my legs." She replied.

"I kinda like the way that rope feels myself." Diana told her.

Tracie looked at Diana.

'Dia...I mean Mistress now what do we do?" The little girl asked.

"Well now you two get gagged." Diana informed her.

Toby puts Darla's panties in her mouth and taped them in place.

"Open up." Diana orders Tracie.

"Okay glumph." Tracie started to reply

Diana shoved Tracie’s panties in her mouth and taped them in. Darla and Tracie rolled around some and Toby grabbed the back of Darla's crotch rope and tugged Darla gave out a squeak Diana did the same with Tracie's crotch rope and she squeaked. Toby started to tug Darla's crotch rope rhythmically while Diana did the same to Tracie. After a few minutes Darla had a screaming orgasm and passed out then Tracie started to shake and moan with her own orgasm just as Darla came. Diana looked at Darla then at Tracie then back at Darla.

"You told me I was too young to have an orgasm." Diana complained. "Tracie just had one and she is younger than me!"

She looked over at the younger girl who is laying sweat soaked and heaving then at Darla who was in the same state.

"I want to have an orgasm too!" Diana cried out.

Toby looked at her.

"I know I will do to you what I did do Darla last night." He announced

Toby pushed her back on the bed and mounted her he inserted his little penis in her and started to have intercourse; after several minutes she has her first orgasm at the same time Toby has a dry orgasm himself he rolls off her and they both lay there panting. Darla and Tracie rolled on their sides and lay there wondering what is going to happen next. Diana speaks first.

"Wow that was unreal." She declared.

She slowly pushed her self off the bed and stood up Toby got up next and stood there panting they looked and Darla and Tracie who were looking at them with pleading eyes.

"We better let them loose." Diana said.

"Yeah we better." Toby agreed.

Toby untied Tracie and Diana untied Darla after they free the two girls all four collapse on the bed Tracie fell asleep right there. Darla looked at the two seven year olds.

"You know you are WAY too young to be doing that." She announced.

Diana looked at her.

"Doing what?" Diana asked looking all innocent.

"Screwing you should be a lot older. Even I am too young for that." Darla declared.

Toby looked at her and nods.

"Yeah I guess you're right." He said.

Diana laid back.

" I suppose you're right but I like orgasms." Diana stated.

"I suppose you do but you can get them other ways so no more screwing until you are at least eighteen O.K.?" Darla responded.

"O.K. no more screwing." She said.

"Good in fact I am going to tie YOU two up now!" Darla announced.

Diana and Toby look at each other.

"Aight." They both said.

"Aight what?" Darla asked.

"Aight Mistress." The two seven year-olds replied.

"Better! Now stand back to back." She ordered them.

They stood back to back and Darla wrapped a rope around their waists she drew the ends so they are even then tied a knot over Diana's navel then brings them down between her pussy lips and up around either side of Toby's scrotum then pulled it up through the waist rope on Toby's side and tied it off then she brought the ends around his back crossed them over brought them down underneath the rope between their legs crossed them and pulled it tight bringing them all together and squeezing down on the side of Toby's scrotum and Diana's clit both kids let out a gasp. Darla then took a rope looped it around the back of Diana's neck under her arm pits then under Toby's armpits and tied it across his chest them took another rope looped it around the back of Toby's neck under the kids armpits and tied it off across Diana's chest. She then took Toby's arms brought them back in front of Diana and tied his wrists together then took Diana's arms and brought them around and tied them in front of Toby then she tied them to the crotch ropes. She then runs a criss-cross pattern tying their elbows together then bringing the rope around their bodies at that level. She stood back for a minute to figure out what to do with their legs. Mean while they test the bonds out a bit and find that they can not move anything from their shoulders to their groin and especially for Diana the wiggling causes the crotch ropes to stimulate them. Darla looked at them and figured out what she wanted to do next.

"Okay you two sit down." Darla ordered them.

"Yes Mistress." They said in unison.

They struggle to get in a sitting position. When they finally settled Darla took Diana's left leg wound a short piece of rope a few times around her leg just above the knee then folded her leg and ties her ankle to her thigh then does the same to her right leg then goes over to Toby and wrapped some rope around his left leg just above the knee leaving two lengths hanging free then tied his ankle to his thigh and did the same to his right leg. Then Darla took the ends of the rope around his left knee threads them through the rope around Diana's right knee and drew them tight bringing them together then did the same with the ropes on the opposite legs bringing them together leaving the kids doing a kind of splits. They both let out a gasp as the second set is tightened.

"Does it hurt?" Darla asked them.

They both pause for a moment.

"No Mistress." Diana replied.

"No Mistress." Toby repeated.

"Good I have one more thing to do with you." Darla announced.

And leaves the room.

Toby turns to Diana.

"What do you think she is going to do?" He asked her.

"I don't know...Oh!" Diana said.

"What?" Toby asked.

"When you move that rope in my pussy presses on my clit." Diana told him.

Darla returns carrying their under pants.

"O.K. Now I have what I need." Darla announced.

And she takes Toby's under pants and stuffed them into Diana's mouth and taped them in place.

"Now you know what he tastes like." She declares. And she crams Diana's panties in Toby's mouth. "And now you know what she tastes like."


She walked over to the sleeping Tracie and pulled her panties on her and puts her pajamas back on her and carried her to her room and put her in her bed. While she is doing that Toby and Diana were struggling in their bonds and the rope in Diana's crotch was rubbing her clit with every move. Darla walked back into the room just in time to see Diana have another orgasm she then slumped forward. Toby looked up at Darla as he tried to keep from being pull over on top of Diana. Darla helps pull Diana back to a sitting position and untied the ropes holding her ankles to her thighs so she can hold herself up better. Toby tries to say something

"Mmmph! Mmmph mmmph!"

"What’s wrong?" Darla asked.

He starts to squirm and tried to rub against the floor. Darla looked down and saw what was going on.

"Ah I think I see what you want." Darla said

S he takes his little hard on and starts to stroke it until he has an orgasm. She stands up and looks at the two seven year olds as they sit their chests heaving after their orgasms.

"I suppose I had better let you go." Darla said.

And she pulls off the tape removes the underwear from their mouths and starts to untie them. Diana speaks up.

"That was fun but I would rather be the one doing the tying." She said.

Toby says he likes both. After they are untied they clean up the ropes and get dressed. Toby and Diana both lay down on his bed and are soon fast asleep Darla puts the "Toy bag " under his bed just as his parents drive up. They come in and ask Darla if the kids behaved and she tells them they were just fine and are all sleeping right now. They go up and check on them and decide that rather than waking her they will let Diana stay over. They call her parents and let them know that Diana is sleeping over and pay Darla and she went home to take a long shower and go to bed herself.
g/bggg, gg/b, gdom, oral, bd

Tracie tells her two friends Susie and Wendy about how she was tied up the night before and they want to try it out. so Diana ties up all three little girls and Toby too.

Tie-up Club part 4

The kids slept in rather late on Saturday having been quite worn out from the night before. Toby and Tracie's father had aeady gone off to work when the kids finally got up at almost 11:00.

"You guys must have really had a busy night last night you really slept in." Toby and Tracie's mother commented.

"Yeah we were playing kinda hard." Toby responded.

Tracie started to say something and Diana looked at her held her index finger to her lips and winked.

"Yeah we had a lot of fun." Tracie said.

"I'm glad to hear you had fun last night Darla said you behaved yourselves very well. Since it is late I guess you might as well have a lunch now." She said.

She turned to put some soup in the microwave and the kids winked at each other and giggled. She puts out some vegetable soup and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that the kids wolf down. She looked at them.

"I guess you were hungry," She observed.

"Yeth." Tracie answered through a mouthful of sandwich.

There was a knock at the back door and Tracie's little friends four year old Susie and five year old Wendy were there, they asked if Tracie can come out and play with them in the tree house. She told them she can and Tracie went out the door to join them. Diana and Toby excused themselves and went up to his room and noticed that the "Toy Bag" was still under his bed. They sat there and talked about what happened the night before. Diana spoke up.

"You know I do not like to be tied up nearly as much as I like tying people up." She said.

"Well I like both about the same. You think Tracie liked it?" Toby asked.

"I think she does." Diana replied.

Out in the tree house Tracie was telling her two friends about what happened the night before.

"Yeah I heard them giggling and I got up and went into Toby's room and they all had their clothes off and they had Darla all tied up on Toby's bed." Tracie told her friends.

"How did they manage to tie-up Darla she is a lot bigger than them." Wendy asked her.

"She let them, she likes being tied up." Tracie replied.

"How did you know that?" Susie asked her.

"She told me! I asked her and she told me that it was fun. So I took my clothes off and had them tie me up too and it was fun they tied a rope through my peepee and tugged on it and it made me feel all funny but good at the same time." Tracie told them.

"Really you liked it too?" Susie asked her.

"Yeah it was fun." Tracie said. "Hey you want to try it?"

Both girls said sure sounds like a blast.

Tracie told them that Toby and Diana were still here and she would go get them. In the mean time they should take off their clothes and when they get there call Diana Mistress and Toby Master. When they asked why she told them it was the rules and if they wanted to do that they had to follow the rules. So they started to strip while Tracie went to get Diana and Toby. Diana and Toby were looking at the bondage magazines when Tracie burst into the room all out of breath from running.

"Master, Mistress I told Susie and Wendy about last night and they want you to tie them up too!" Tracie gasped.

Quickly putting the magazines back in the bag they turned to Tracie.

"What did you tell them?" Toby asked her.

"I told them I found you tying Darla up and had you tie me up and it was fun and they are waiting for you in the tree house." Tracie said. "I told them to take their clothes off and to call you Master and Mistress So you gonna tie them up?"

Diana and Toby looked at each other then at the bag of ropes and stuff and said yeah why not. So they went back with Tracie to the tree house where Susie and Wendy were waiting. When they came up the two little girls were aeady sitting naked. Susie was rail thin and had long dark brown hair. Wendy was a chubby little red head and looked like a Campbell's soup kid. Wendy blushed when she saw Toby. Tracie started to strip as soon as she got in Diana asked them if they wanted to be tied up and they both replied.

"Yes Mistress."

Diana and Toby soon stripped down as well Susie looked at Toby's penis pointed at it.

"What is that?" she asked.

He looks at her.

"Its called a penis all boys have one." He tells her.

"Why?" she asked.

"To tell them from girls." He replies.

"Oh." Susie said.

Diana and Toby try to figure out how to tie the three girls up. Toby said.

"We can tie them together like we were last night." Toby said

"But there are three of them." Diana pointed out.

"I know we can tie Susie and Tracie together then you can tie Wendy to me." Toby suggests.

"Sounds good." Diana agreed.

So they had Susie and Tracie stand back to back and Diana started to wrap the rope around their waists and between their legs doing the loop behind their backs to tighten the ropes up between their legs and up into their pussies at the same time Toby ran the ropes around their necks and shoulders tying them together. Then Diana tied Susie's hands in front of Tracie while Toby tied Tracie's hands in front of Susie then they tied their elbows together in a crisscross fashion and tied a rope from them around their chests. Then they tied their wrists to the crotch ropes. Susie wiggled around some.

"This feels weird." She said.

"Yeah feels neat right?" Tracie said.

"I suppose so." Susie told her.

"Susie tug that rope around your hands again it feels good." Tracie said.

"What rope?" Susie asked.

Tracie tugs the one tied to her wrists and Susie lets out a yelp.

"That one." She said.

Susie tugs back and Tracie lets out a yelp of her own.

"That one?" She asked.

"Yup." Tracie replied.

Diana tells them to sit down Deciding she would not want them to fall down she decided not to tie their ankles to their thighs so she ties Susie's left thigh to Tracie's right while Toby Tied Susie's right thigh to Tracie’s left leaving their lower legs free for balance. Then she took Tracie's panties and taped them into Susie's mouth while Toby taped Susie’s panties into Tracie's mouth. The two little girls sat there tugging on their crotch ropes while Toby and Wendy stood back to back and then they discovered a problem. Toby was 9 inches taller than Wendy they did not line up the way they wanted. Toby tried kneeling down but then he was too low, in the mean time Tracie and Susie teased each other into orgasm Wendy started to cry.

*Sniff* "I'm missing all the fun." She declared.

Toby looked at a little chair.

"I got an idea I saw it in one of your books." He said.

He sat down and told Wendy to sit in his lap facing him she did so and lined up right on his little hard on. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him. Diana started by tying his wrists together then wrapped Wendy's arms around him and tied them together then Diana pulled Wendy's legs around behind the chair and tied them to the back legs then she tied their shoulders the same way she tied the other girls finally she grabbed Toby's left leg and lifted it up and tied it up to the back of the chair and did the same with his right leg and finally tied his knees and their elbows together standing back to admire her handy work she takes Toby's underpants and puts them in Wendy's mouth then tapes them in place. Then she picks up Wendy's panties and holds them up they are little Bikini types so she grabbed her own balled them up together and crammed BOTH pairs in his mouth and taped them in. She looked at Susie and Tracie who have started to tug the crotch ropes again. At the same time Wendy has discovered that Toby's hard on is pressing her clit and it feels good when she bounces on it, so she starts to bounce on him until she has a screaming orgasm. Watching the other kids getting off is making Diana all hot. She walks over to where Toby and Wendy are there is a little stool there when she stands on it she finds that her crotch is right at Toby's face level she stands on it and asked Toby if he had seen the pictures of men eating women out he shook his head yes so she pulled off the tape over his mouth pulled the panties out and shoved his face in her crotch and he started to lick her pussy and soon she has a screaming orgasm and falls down. She shakes her head and sits up. She looks around Toby looks at her.

"Mistress, I think you better let us loose." He said

She looks around at the sweaty bound kids and decides that would be a good idea. She starts by untying Toby's legs first then she untied Wendy's arms and legs after that Toby untied the shoulder ropes. He went over and freed the younger kids and the whole bunch of them lay down and took a nap.

Tracie woke up first and noticed the magazines in the bag that they had brought the ropes and tape in and started to look though them she was looking at a photo lay-out of a woman with her legs folded and taped together calf to thigh and her arms taped together behind her back. Susie wakes up and looks over Tracie's shoulder.

"That looks cool I'd like to be done like that." Susie said.

Tracie looked at her.

"You want me to do you like that? "She asked.

"Yeah do it." Susie told her.

"Okay" *giggle* Tracie responded.

Tracie has Susie lay on her back and folds her left leg and starts to tape it up then does the same with her right Susie moves her legs around a bit.

"That feels funny... Okay do my arms." Susie said.

Tracie rolled Susie over on her stomach put her hands palm to palm and started to wrap them in tape, she pressed Susie's forearms together and continued to wrap the tape around them a pressing the forearms together all the way up to her elbows then she continued to wrap them almost up to her armpits. Susie rolled around and giggled.

"That feels weird." She said.

Wendy wakes up looks over at Susie.

"That looks cool do me like that too." She said.

Tracie wraps Wendy's legs like she did Susie's then started her arms she just gets up to Wendy's elbows when she ran out of tape.

"Oh-oh no more tape."

Wendy wiggled around.

"Looks like you had enough to do me good." She said.

"Yes but I can't tape panties in your mouth now." Tracie pointed out.

"That's Okay I don't really want them in anyways." Wendy announced.

The two little girls are rolling around in their bondage when Diana and Toby wake up and watch the younger girls Tracie holds up the empty tape rolls.

"We need more tape." She said.

Diana looks at the empty rolls.

"We have no more." She replied.

Toby looked at the empty rolls.

"Well you can tie me up but you can't tape your panties in my mouth now." Toby taunted.

Diana looks over at him.

"Lets see what we can do." She states. "Lay down."

Diana crossed his ankles and starts to tie them together. Tracie picks up a length of rope.

"I want to help." Tracie said.

"Sure do his arms." Diana replied.

"Goody." Tracie responded.

Tracie crossed his wrists and tied them together mean while Diana started to tie a rope below his knees and a second above his knees while Tracie tied his elbows together. Diana then tied Toby's ankles to his wrists. Toby pipes up.

"Well you have no tape so you can't keep any panties in my mouth." He taunted the girls.

Tracie looks at him.

"Oh yeah?" She declared with a twinkle in her eye.

She gathered up ALL the girls panties and her knee socks winks at Darla and the two girls proceed to stuff poor Toby's mouth with four pairs of little girls panties jamming it wide open. Then she took one of her knee socks and wrapped it over the wad of panties crammed in his mouth and tied it behind his head. She giggles.

"You were saying?" She teased.

Toby shook his head and tried to scream but his mouth is so crammed with panties that only a tiny squeak comes out, the girls all laugh. Toby just lay there and put his head on the floor. After a while the girls ask to be let loose and they noticed tears on Toby's face and decided to let Toby free too. They pull all the panties out of his mouth and he works his jaw around.

"That hurt my mouth is not that big." He said.

Tracie looked at him with a tear in her eye.

"I'm sowwy I did not mean to hurt you." She whispered.

"I know just next time don't put all those panties in my mouth at once... It feels better now." Toby told her.

And he pulled his little sister over and hugs her. At that point they hear Wendy's mother call her for dinner. They look around.


There is a mad scramble to get dressed and Wendy shouted out.

"Coming mother."

The girls notice that the panties are soggy but put them on anyways Wendy climbs down and runs home Susie decides that she better go home too the other three kids pack every thing up and Diana pipes up.

"You know this is a perfect place to have our Tie-up Club none of our parents ever come up here we can leave our stuff here and can do this all the time." She observed.

"But what about Darla? It's her stuff." Tracie said.

"Well she can come up her too." Diana replied.

Then they hear Toby' and Tracie's mother call.

"Toby, Tracie, Diana dinner time."

And the kids all pile out of the tree house/Tie-up Club and run for dinner.
Are you unemployed?
(29 Dec 2013, 19:14 )Tinker D Wrote: Are you unemployed?
I have a part time job plus do side work.
Me thinks you need more employment.
(29 Dec 2013, 22:53 )Tinker D Wrote: Me thinks you need more employment.
These stories were written back in 2005 I don't write a lot, Just have been doing it for a while. Most on my stories were written between 2005 and 2008 I have slowed down a lot since then though my writing has improved and the newer stories while fewer are longer. I take it you have some issues with what I wrote.
Not really, I have this thing about what we do as adults, are for adults.
There is art, and there is art. Most about what I think goes on here, and I could be wrong, is about self bondage issues and stories. I am not into nude bondage, I love costume and fetish bondage. I like to call it CFSB.
Your stories are good, and you do have a talent, But the word " kids " is what turns me off.
Yes, there are stories here in the comic book section, but you being a newbie, I guess I may jumped the gun a bit.

Now, if you wrote about a guy dressing up, and doing self bondage, and got caught by a male/female friend/partner, I would read a lot more. It's when someone says " kids ", well, sorry that the way I think sometimes.
(30 Dec 2013, 00:00 )Tinker D Wrote: Not really, I have this thing about what we do as adults, are for adults.
There is art, and there is art. Most about what I think goes on here, and I could be wrong, is about self bondage issues and stories. I am not into nude bondage, I love costume and fetish bondage. I like to call it CFSB.
Your stories are good, and you do have a talent, But the word " kids " is what turns me off.
Yes, there are stories here in the comic book section, but you being a newbie, I guess I may jumped the gun a bit.

Now, if you wrote about a guy dressing up, and doing self bondage, and got caught by a male/female friend/partner, I would read a lot more. It's when someone says " kids ", well, sorry that the way I think sometimes.
You're honest...That's good. I guess if I post more of these. (That depends on whether people like what is here so far.) you won't be interested. There is a spin-off series called the Pony Girl Club I also wrote. more fetish less formal sex and the girls get caught twice by mothers. Once at practice and once when a mother shows up at a meet unexpectedly. There is some mummification and single gloves added later in this series. My stories are either straight or yuri no yaio.

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