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Text to speech programs (TTS)
Can anybody recommend good text to speech programs? Both standalone and browser-compatible (think of JavaScript reading from a file).
I use narrator, very easy to use and lots of options.

Quite a long time ago I used books2burn and orator but they were very basic.
Narrator and books2burn are for Macs only. And orator does not exist anymore ☹
O! MaryTTS Written in Java (hence platform independent), free, customizable, can be run standalone, and there is an online demo.

On Github:

New voices can be added/created.
A list of TTS programs for Linux:
Years ago, there was a voice printer.
It was a printer, like an old Okidata 128, but it spoke.
Anything you sent to the printer was converted to a voice.
Great toy. But the voice was limited to that of a robot.
@lugnuts, festival?
Ok, I'm lost too.
linux tts program

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