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Swimsuit hypnosis
While swimsuit fetish is very common, swimsuit hypnosis is very rare. Any links, files, tips are very welcome.

Related picture:

Be Confident in a Swimsuit: Hypnosis.

Put on your favourite one piece swimsuit in advance and hit "Play"


Quote:For best effects please listen to this recording while you are wearing your swimsuit. This recording is designed to help you feel confident and ready to have fun while wearing your swimsuit by associating the positive emotions you feel in trance with wearing your swimsuit. You can also listen to this recording if you are not wearing your swimsuit and still get similar effects. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

Attached Files
Be Confident in a Swimsuit - Hypnosis.txt (Size: 7.74 KB )
(08 Aug 2019, 01:12 )Like Ra Wrote: Be Confident in a Swimsuit: Hypnosis.
Just listened to this one wearing blue Realise swimsuit with grey Falke pantyhose. I think I fell asleep several times, but was very effectively "brought back up" by the final count up, possibly was quite deep. I wonder if I notice any effects later tonight or tomorrow.
Quote:SWIM - It is time for you to buy yourself at least one femme swimming suit. You will start wearing it around your house as soon as you purchase it. By the time summer comes you will wear it swimming! You will love the way you feel when your body is caressed by warm water as you glide thru it in your beautiful swimming suit. You will feel ultra femme and free. ***Post Hypnotic Triggers*** for confidence in your new swimming suit.

Swim.mp3 (Size: 17.23 MB )

It's mostly subliminal, and I listened to it several times as a background ASMR/relaxing track.

Quote:Don't you just love the summer sun? Imagine it right now beating down on your fresh exposed skin. Yes, it feels so good to go out in the sun in your feminine bathing suit. You cannot resist.

This year you are going to find and purchase a very feminine bathing suit. Yes, it’s time that the woman within be allowed to express herself. If you're too shy in the beginning I don't care if you just nance around in that bathing suit in your house. You can even wear it underneath your clothing when you go out to do little things like grocery shopping or even to the beach in shorts and a t-shirt. Whatever you do you will be wearing your bathing suit and as long as you are you will be imagining yourself laying out on the beach, stretched out, tanning.

Just feeling the bathing suit against your skin makes you feel so elegant and feminine. You cannot resist. You simply must have a feminine bathing suit. You will feel so sexy and of course you'll love the way it accentuates your curves in all the right places.
Not sure if it's related to the two files above, but this is what I noticed:

o- I have no idea what was in the first "Be Confident in a Swimsuit" file, I either fell asleep or was too deep.
o- I can't say that I consciously picked up all suggestions from the second file.
o- Yesterday I almost could not take off my Realise swimsuit (with pantyhose underneath) and was caressing my tightly encased body in the shower.
o- I slept in an NSA suit with a huge (and painful - thanks to the overly tight cock ring, I could remove only in the morning and with huge efforts)) erection.
o-Right now I'm not wearing a swinsuit, but I have an urge to wear it ASAP.

Again, it might not be related to hypno. What is your experience?
An old version of Swimsuit Confidence.

Hypnosis: Swimsuit Confidence


Quote:This video is designed to make the viewer feel confident wearing any sort of swimsuit at any place in front of people.
(08 Aug 2019, 01:12 )Like Ra Wrote: Be Confident in a Swimsuit: Hypnosis.
Transcribed and updated the post. Youtube is getting better and better at it, so not much editing is needed.
Yes, you love leotards, you love to wear leotards, you love to caress yourself while wearing a leotard...

Leotard Obsession.mp3 (Size: 16.7 MB )

Not quite about swimsuits, but about lycra/spandex in general.

Gay Spandex Fetish Train

hitsfmdj Wrote:Hello, here is a file I made with my voice, its induction is close the the one EMG uses, It just works 😊 And I used Neuro-Programmer 2 Professional again to create some Alha waves in the background. This file basically trains you to really enjoy wearing and feeling spandex and being horny in it all the time.there's also suggestions to go find a partner that is also into spandex. this about sums it up so go ahead and try it.

spanner Wrote:I listened to this once, then found myself scrabbling around the house desparately looking for spandex - which I've never found particularly interesting before, so there isn't much - eventually found an old cycle shirt, some speedos and lycra hood. I put them on and find myself drawn back to listen again. 30 minutes later I'm writhing around on the bed rubbing the lycra across my body and my face and moaning like I'm being rimmed. Just after that, I cum a huge load into the speedos by only barely touching my cock through the speedos with a fingertip. I think you could say it works! Ever since, in idle moments I find myself at spandex sites like Slick It Up fantasising....

Gay_Spandex_Fetish_Train_(MP3).mp3 (Size: 13.55 MB )

So why is this such a limited thing? panties and panty hose is there. This is so much better.

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