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Suntan Pantyhose with tied ankles
 Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 11.03.04 AM.png   
Made a footboard, and tied it to the ceiling. Then tied my ankles, and taped my feet to the board. Amplifier in the background, in case I got inspired to play some music. 😁

interesting...   😋
Ok, I like the pantyhose, but I’m a little confused of the tape and board getup.
A pair of leather straps and two holes in the board may be better.
(08 Dec 2020, 00:24 )Tinker D Wrote: Ok, I like the pantyhose, but I’m a little confused of the tape and board getup.
A pair of leather straps and two holes in the board may be better.

Agreed. The fit with the white electrical tape was far from ideal. Back to the drawing board.
Firstly - thanks for sharing  😁 

I'm a huge fan of Tan/suntan tights and yours look fabulous, especially with the rope!  Good2 (what brand are they?)

But I am more than a little curious about your set-up, and what you are trying to achieve. 
What is the purpose of the board and does it need to be suspended?  🤔  

I'm intrigued...  😉

I’m thinking that the reason for the board and rope is to prevent the feet resting on the floor, so that the rest of the bondage won’t be comprise.

And yes, please tell us what brand and where you got your pantyhose.
Thanks. They're Wolford's Neon 40 (Gobi color). They have a shine to them that I like.

The footboard was part of a more elaborate (and perhaps overly convoluted) setup that included a small variable speed motor. This small motor was secured to another board that was placed a few inches away from the footboard. I stuck a 9-inch long piece of electrical tape onto the shaft of the motor, so that this strip of tape would work as a sort of "paddle". With the controller in my hand, I was able to make the motor turn at different speeds. This would then make the end of the 9-inch piece of tape hit against the soles of my feet. I guess it's my version of light S&M. 😊

I'd welcome any other ideas.
So you made a paddle machine for the bottom of your feet.
You know, if you get some card stock, and cut a strip, then cover it with your tape, it may work a little better.
Now I get the idea. Like to see your machine
Card stock sounds like a good idea. Thanks.

Here's a (grainy) image of the motor, and a slightly different footboard setup. Just in the prototyping stage, so there's lots of makeshift stuff, like using tape to secure the motor to the board. Also have to get a better camera. 😊

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
 Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 12.52.09 PM.png   
Ok, now I see what you’re doing.

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