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Streetfighter (no, really... humour me).
Some guys not only play the games but take it a bit further and crossplay (crossdress + cosplay) the female characters too. As this might well involve wearing a leotard and/or shiny tights I think it's relevant here so let's start with Chun-Li.

Yuka apologised (really) for not wearing a blue leotard between the tights and the dress:


Here's Shiiji Chihiro:


This guy used to have a Chun-Li crossplay blog but it's long dead:


This is Louann. OK, the costume doesn't include the correct tights but I couldn't really leave the pics out Wink


I'm not sure who these are:


This isn't really crossplay but for some reason Jackie Chan played Chun-Li in a movie adaptation of the games. Pics are hard to find but here he is:


Chun-Li is also a favourite subject for futa-ising and there seem to be loads of manga on the subject. But that should be a different thread, I'll start it after I've dealt with Cammy White.

Akiho Licia crossplays Cammy:


Cammy seems a bit unloved by the crossplay community, I imagine because it takes a lot of balls (if you'll pardon the expression) to wear her costume in public. I think even most women would have second thoughts about it.

Certainly you won't be seeing me in this cammy.jpg thumbnail    (or indeed even in this Chun-Li.jpg thumbnail    for that matter) any time soon Wink
I can't think of anywhere more appropriate to post these so here are some futanari-ised Chun-Lis...

4b20570781b74ed101ff28949c76b0c3.jpg thumbnail    1b4ee1b14da07cb949ecd2b0452ceffb.jpg thumbnail    24f8397a30642ffa3ac6b6e8c58bd654.jpg thumbnail    44da8636812498322fd4dd315ffbc6df.jpg thumbnail    60b5d1fecceb37c5ad487d175588d822.jpg thumbnail    df7423ee96d5711381374f5e056c89fc.jpg thumbnail    f95e6eb8def29196cb5a2ee9fba71c81.jpg thumbnail    fbfa67fb6fd94f76e1ef210c79590e59.jpg thumbnail    sample-53b34e04b3c7eafc1ceb177886c73fa4.jpg thumbnail    sample-b4a63fc72641a6fa6eddef681870df02.jpg thumbnail   
(28 Aug 2010, 12:58 )culmor Wrote: I can't think of anywhere more appropriate to post these so here are some futanari-ised Chun-Lis...
These pics couldn't have been more cynically placed Big Grin Confess, it was your plan long before you started this thread? Biggrin
I have no idea what you're talking about Angel I prefer to think of my post as 'strategic' rather than 'cynical' Cool

As for the manga (Nippon Heroine 2) in which Morrigan casts a spell over Chun-Li turning her into a mutant futa, you'll just have to wait till I can resize the's one seriously weird comic...
teaser.jpg thumbnail   

Edit: somehow I forgot these two earlier...
cammy_chun_li_shemale.jpg thumbnail    1997911488.jpg thumbnail   
(28 Aug 2010, 13:14 )culmor Wrote: I have no idea what you're talking about Angel I prefer to think of my post as 'strategic' rather than 'cynical' Cool

Never mind, it's just my perverted sense of humour Wink
Chun Li chained (and suspended Smile )...

a.jpg thumbnail    b.jpg thumbnail    c.jpg thumbnail    d.jpg thumbnail    e.jpg thumbnail    f.jpg thumbnail    g.jpg thumbnail    g.jpg thumbnail    h.jpg thumbnail    i.jpg thumbnail    k.jpg thumbnail    l.jpg thumbnail    n.jpg thumbnail    p.jpg thumbnail    m.jpg thumbnail    q.jpg thumbnail    r.jpg thumbnail    j.jpg thumbnail    o.jpg thumbnail    s.jpg thumbnail    t.jpg thumbnail   
Dude, her tights were awesome. I remember pausing the game just to look at them...
Glad it wasn't just me...
Oh my! What an incredible collection of exciting pictures! Thank you very much Culmor for posting! Those pantyhose are superb!
The last set or all of them?


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