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Strange, weird or totally inappropriate gags
Have you seen (or used?) any unusual gags? Please post photos, drawings or descriptions here!
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Unusual, weird or completely unsuitable gags
These have always been a bit strange:

Another great area where the answers will all be subjective - what I think is weird or strange will be perfectly normal to others, but let me get the ball rolling with:

Shoe gags - Don't do anything for me and are very weird 😁

 med gag 2.jpg     medical gag.jpg   
Medical gags - too cold and mechanical for my tastes (pun intended) 😋

 crap gag 2.jpg     crap gag.jpg   
...and. of course, the always unsuitable Movie gag! I mean, really? That's meant to silence the girl and stop her screaming for help 🤔 I don't think so! Negative

The shoe gag looks really interesting...!
Normally I go more for the conventional ball gag, indeed I own one.
The medical stuff I like for the opening to play with 😉
(12 Dec 2013, 15:45 )madjack Wrote: the always unsuitable Movie gag!
Oh yes... Unremovable sticky tape, stay-in-place-no-matter-what kerchief... 😁
...some more for the collection:

 brush gag.png    - I mean... yuck! Not for me.

 leather_dog_bone_gag_open_wide_gag_head_harness_gag_20_86709.jpg    - now that's more like it! Harness gags are great for staying in. Ring/tube gags really make you drool, which I find quite fun (as the wearer). I really like the idea of a 'bit' gag, but haven't tried one, perhaps in 2014?

Harness pacifier gag for naughty girls and boys:

She looks really into it.

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