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Sleeping bag latex, vanilla and new idea
I got this latex sleeping bag (attachments). When I got it, I paid around 150 Euro, now it is around 250 from a different supplier (but same pictures), so don't bother looking for it, unless you can afford it. The new idea should work with almost any sleeping bag. It has a three-way zipper on the back and is very snug and actually the perfect length for me. Just not quite as figure-hugging as on the pictures.

The vanilla experience first:

I leave the lowest zipper down - which is a bit below my crotch. The upper zipper has to be about 10 cm from the top and last one a bit lower, with a draw-string attached. Then I enter my head through the collar and close it (pull up the upper zipper). The upper zipper likes to slide up and is inoperable then, so I keep the draw-string tight from this moment on - creating tension downwards (hard to create any other tension anyway). Then I enter my legs one by one and pull up the bag as far as possible. While still keeping the draw-string tight, I get my shoulders into the bag. Now I stand up carefully and let my bottom slide inside as well. This puts the bag under quite some tension, and the middle zipper would rush up right away, if not held in place. Once this is done, I pull the middle zipper down to my hands, remove the draw-string and push it down to the lower zipper. This is not really inescapable, but - on my particular bag - I have to grab the zipper from the outside (through the latex, which is quite thick and tight, to pull it up the first few centimetres - a challenge for the unaware. Actually, the first time, I rotated the entire bag 180° to get access to the neck zipper, because I thought, the other zipper was stuck 😉 . If you want more of a challenge, you could use a small padlock to attach the lower and middle zipper. you can still rotate the bag, but you could even secure the upper zipper with a chain around your neck (careful, lose chain!). Or you lock your hands together and drop the key (perhaps inside an ice-block) into the foot compartment, where it is hard to reach... Well, it sounds less exciting than it is for me - even without added security.

The new idea:

I got inspired by a second life sleeping bag, see here: .
The idea is to tie a belt around the bag, while my arms are in the box-tie position. Since the bag is quite tight, I should not be able to move my arms anywhere else. Big question was "how?".  Putting on a belt from inside is quite impossible, and slipping into a prepared belt (with tightening gizmo / string) as well. For a first test, I hung a loop of rope around my neck, dangling at a suitable hight on my chest, then made a slipknot-loop, loop going through that first loop and (later) around the bag. I kept the second loop quite wide to get into the bag, then, before closing the zipper, I pulled the slip-knot fairly tight, so I could still close the zipper - after hanging the end of the slip-knot onto a door-handle. The first try failed, the loop went too low. For the second try, I put the pulling end of the slip knot on my back, opposite to the "holding loop". Like that, one side of the loop was on the right position anyway and - with the help of the door handle, I could get the other side into position as well. I then tried again - arms in box-tie position, pull the loop tight. The result was good, my arms were locked. Of course, the simple slip-knot didn't hold much and the loop widened quickly. But my first goal, check the principle idea, was reached.  I have a one-way belt, that will make it quite secure. And with the right precautions, I can open it later - it only needs a string at the right part of the buckle.

By the way, I tried the "armbinder swimsuit" in the bag too. No difference to the swimsuit alone, it is absolutely insecure.

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These two are the cheapest I could find:
(27 Jun 2020, 03:09 )Strappado Wrote: The idea is to tie a belt around the bag, while my arms are in the box-tie position. Since the bag is quite tight, I should not be able to move my arms anywhere else.
I did this using electromagnetic handcuffs. And it worked perfectly - almost could not move at all until the wires in the handcuffs broke 😁
For me, I made my own neck-entry sleeping bag in latex with inner sleeves.

I originally made it for getting into and being released by my gf. But one day I decided to release myself so it should be usable for selfbondage as well if the latex is strong enough :

The inner sleeves start at the 3/4th (about 8cm above the elbow) between the arm and my body but the other (external) side is glued up to the shoulder. It should also be noted that my sleeves are larger than my arms (about twice on the top, and half more at hands). When I'm in, I first grab one of the sleeves with the opposite hand and stretch it. That allows me to slide the long fingers of the intended arm (but not my thumb) inside. Then with my thumb, I make the same with the other sleeve. Once both hands are ready to go, I slide both inside the sleeves and it's quite unescapable at first.

To release yourself (on your own), you need to wait for some time and sweat inside. Once you've sweated enough, the latex start slide a lot and I've been able to pull the sleeves a bit and grab the opposite one with my thumbs through the sleeve it still is in (that's why you need the latex to be strong enough. I did it once with my .4mm sleeves without breaking it). You need to really slide in since you'll try to bend the arm inside the sleeve. Then, with a bit of struggle, you can release the arm. (Yes, latex is stretchy 😉 )

The system could be improved by glueing a string on the top of the sleeve. Either inside of it to be pulled by the hand to be released. Or you could have non-complete sleeves (hand not covered in latex) and grab the string of the opposite sleeves.
(27 Jun 2020, 03:20 )Like Ra Wrote: These two are the cheapest I could find:

Ah, this is it:

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