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New (Project?) Idea - Arduino
Hi all,

I may start off where I left my old Project with my Arduino (The Blowjob Trainer)

I now have a eStim Series 2B which I purchased last week. I successfully hooked it up to the Arduino really easily. (See Note #1)
I have also before managed to create something for the ElectraStim SensaVox I also own, Which controls one channel and also the Modify (Though it can be very slow as it uses stepper motors to actually move the buttons so not really an amazing choice) because the ElectraStim can be sent commands quickly and easily.

I'm looking to add this along to the Blowjob trainer I originally made, and possibly change the functionality. I've also had ideas such as making this remotely possibly, let the other person on the other end decide if I should have an increase in power to a certain connected electrode, if I should suck faster, suck slower. Hold a deep throat etc.

Another option I've been looking into is a device which was featured on a Gord video called the Dilemma Box, which is an inflatable tyre which inflates and deflates. This looks rather interesting and could easily?? be accomplished with a couple of solenoid valves.. I'll look into this once I get other parts completed. Trying to do too much instead of one thing at a time as per usual!

I Don't think I have any other ideas right now.. so I'll leave it at this and post updates if and when I have progress 😊

Note #1: [url=

]Arduino & eStim 2B[/url]

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