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Liquidating poop by enema or anal wash?
Been trying to chase a side project that has been out of reach for a bit. I want to make a semi permanent butt plug which could have washing attachments to flush away poop. Question being is it possible to outright liquefy poop to prevent the need to remove the butt plug?  

First is whether it is possible to liquefy it using just a jet of water. If that doesn't work will saturating the large intestine work? If saturation is required an interesting side effect may be not needing to drink any water as the large intestines can re absorb water.
Interesting question.
I do know that warm water will loosen poop from the walls of the intestines, but for making those little pellets of poop soft again??? I don’t know.

What I do know is that the intestines do absorb liquids, like water, beer, wine and coffee.
Do not try a beer or wine enema. It’s not pretty. Also, it can kill you, and make quite a mess.

Anyway, I thought about this a while back.
Solid poop plus warm water took days to dissolve.
I would not recommend doing that at all. Doing enema or sort of on every day basis will kill your bio flora and intestine.
(24 Dec 2022, 10:13 )no smile Wrote: I would not recommend doing that at all.  Doing enema or sort of on every day basis will kill your bio flora and intestine.

yep... what they said!!!
(24 Dec 2022, 10:13 )no smile Wrote: Doing enema or sort of on every day basis will kill your bio flora and intestine.
What about 2 week colon cleanse retreats?

Daily Enema Regimen Is Superior to Traditional Therapies for Nonneurogenic Pediatric Overactive Bladder

Quote:Taking a daily enema at consistent times will help regulate stool removal and decrease episodes of fecal incontinence.
It looks like the only way to achieve what you are looking for is a liquid only diet. That means no solids, no grinding foods in a blender, so no smoothies, just liquids that can be absorbed without leaving solids or poop.

But is that possible???
(24 Dec 2022, 04:18 )Lancer Wrote: Question being is it possible to outright liquefy poop to prevent the need to remove the butt plug?  
What about these plugs:
Your link did nothing on my iPhone, but about hollow butt plugs, I own four of them. A clear one that collapsed the minete I got it in, same with the black one, another black one with electrodes ( popped right out with the first jolt) and a rather hard one that requires an extra dildo to fill the hole just that you can get it in. And once you do get in in, just try to remove that dildo from the hollow butt plug.

Now, what I found that did work fairly well was a anal anchor with a vibrating bullet in the center. You can find them on eBay and the other site as well.

The trick is to remove the bullet and with a knife, cut that center Peice out. That will leave about a .75 inch hole for your poo and gasses to escape. The best thing about this is that once seated, the wings spread out inside preventing the plug from coming out. Also, to keep the juices and smells in check, go to a hardware store and get a cork or rubber stopper and ( as they in the movies ), “ Put a cork in it “.
Well, I just checked eBay. And they have them.

eBay: Hollow anal anchor

About $11.00 American.

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