Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
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House of self-bondage
House of self-bondage
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Shiny red dress
Me again!

This time in a shiny red dress, red heels, black tights, black bolero, black opera gloves and a leather hood. And quite a few hidden layers.

The bondage is really basic this time as the outfit was quite some work and with all the layers underneath I could not move as freely as I wanted.


I hope to film again this week so if anybody has suggestions or request I'll see what I can do. Please keep it simple, no elaborate schemes I don't have time or resources for, I know you guys.
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No valid Sources for this video
(17 Apr 2021, 23:07 )Tinker D Wrote: No valid Sources for this video
How come? It's on pornhub.
I'm in love with that red dress and leather mask. The entire outfit is incredible 😊
As for suggestions, maybe tying your wrists to your ankles in a hogtie position? I don't know, my imagination is rather poor.
Whatever content you'd like to share, is very welcome 😁
I know that it’s on pornhub, but that is what I see.
I have gotten the same error on mobile, but in a different browser it works fine.
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Works on Android, does not work on iFruits 😟 If you stop video on Android, you have to long press on the Reload button to start it again.
Love your tights 😊
What brand/model are they? 😁
(19 Apr 2021, 14:38 )latexballet Wrote: Love your tights 😊
What brand/model are they? 😁

I thought IΒ got them from aliexpress but I can't find them in my history so I have no idea anymore, sorry.
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Nicely done.
How did you get untied ?
Always remember to stay safe !!!

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