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Hogtie with electronic time lock in shiny red skirt
Hi, a new video aeady!

This time a hogtie with the electronic time lock. I'm wearing a shiny red skirt with matching heels, a Leohex long sleeve leotard and a corset.

The bondage is pretty straightforward and I'm using a prepared rope loop for the elbows. My hands went numb after a few minutes because of the elbow tie, I need to find something to remedy that or I will only be able to do really short sessions.

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I had the same problem with numbness as well.
What worked for me, was moving my elbow tie higher, above the elbows. Also, I was wearing a satin maids uniform and that allowed me to get a very good elbow tie. Almost to the point of getting my elbows to touch each other.
But I always stop and check for numbness before taking the next step.
I also hate cramps in my legs.
Maybe I’m getting to old to play. 😕
Yes, the elbow tie is too low and press on a nerve. You need to get it higher. The nerve position depends a bit for everyone so one might not have for me, if securely placed higher with the exact same loop length, I can stay for hours in a strict hogtied.
Thanks for the tips, I'll try to get it higher next time. Not sure if I can but I'll try!
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That’s reminds me.
When I did my elbow tie, the maids outfit I wore was a semi tight dress, but the arms were pretty loose, therefore, the fabric would bunch up, keeping the ropes above my elbows and kept me from going numb.

When I wore my skating dress, the tops would slip down and the numbness would start.

Even an upper body harness couldn’t prevent my rope coils from sliding down. The tie look like a horseshoe. Not straight at all.

Hmmm.... wonder if an A-frame tie would work.
Quality content as always 😁 Thank you very much for sharing Anne, I really enjoy your sessions.

As far as my experience goes, there is no reliable way to avoid the numbness when using an elbow tie, specially if you want your elbows to touch together. Sometimes you'll get numb hands/forearms in 15 min, sometimes it'll take 30. That area is very finicky. I also agree with no smile and @Tinker D, try increasing the height so the pressure is supported by the muscle instead of your joints. Unfortunately, increasing the height would mean you'll need to increase the gap of the loop, and that will give you more room for movement.

If what you want is to secure your hands behind your back and you don't care if it's an elbow tie or not, then I'll suggest to tie your arms in a square like configuration like this:
 Gote00.jpg     Gote01.jpg   

That's a lot more comfortable, and I haven't experienced any numbness yet.
Sadly, I find this kind of tk tie to be uncomfortable faster over time. Every body is a bit different and one should test different position to find which suits better... And it’s far for nerve pitching safe. I even read a nerve safety guide specifically saying to be extra cautious with tk.
(16 Mar 2021, 07:50 )no smile Wrote: Every body is a bit different
Yes I agree, there is no safer safety measure than to know yourself, and sadly there is no 'fit them all' tie.

(16 Mar 2021, 07:50 )no smile Wrote: I even read a nerve safety guide
Maybe you were referring to this one?

(16 Mar 2021, 07:50 )no smile Wrote: this kind of tk tie
OMG no! please never try a full tk on your own. I'm sorry if the pictures were misleading, I believe both are pro models so they can endure extreme ties. What I meant to show was the position of the arms, which look like a square. Of course, always adjust the tightness of the rope accordingly to your case/needs.
@Anne I just LOVE the skirt!
My site: My site for my stories, photos and more. 😊
(17 Mar 2021, 11:01 )PetraJane Wrote: @Anne I just LOVE the skirt!

I'm planning a session with a short dress in the same material.
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