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Sheer to waist pantyhose
I am new here. I just registered for the forums. I love the topics.

Can someone recommend sheer-to-the-waist black pantyhose that comes in extra large? I am 5' 9" tall and 190 pounds.

As an example, I am looking for pantyhose similar what the playboy bunnies wear. Their pantyhose is around 30 den with no pantyline. I have lots of tights to wear with my leotards, but I am looking for something sheer and sexy. I do have a pair of Danskin Ultra Shimmery in 2X and they are very nice. But I am looking for something more sheer so a little leg color shows.

In the past when I have bought sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose on the internet based in the site's description, the pantyhose had a visible pantyline. And it's been difficult to find the larger size.

Thanks for you ideas.

Welcome aboard Tight_mike. I think the recommendations will depend on you location. E.g. I can't say anything about the US, apart from that Hanes and L'Eggs are very popular over there. In Europe you can find even XXXXL sizes if you look at the own warehouse brands. Usually big warehouses (NL: Hema, V&D, De Bijenkorf; DE: Karstadt, Kaufhof) sell non-expensive tights made specially for them.

I guess you're from the UK, right? What about Aristoc?
Hi TightMike,
Here is the US, you could try the online stores like Women Within or Just My Size. They have several styles and sizes up to 6X or 7X. I like and use the Danskin ultrashimmery tights in 2X. I don't shave so and the Danskin covers well so I don't have much experience with the sheer hose.
7X sounds like fun. I think can get completely into one leg and put the second one on as the 2nd layer! At least I could get into a 3X pair.

BTW, I've never seen Danskin Ultra Shimmery bigger than size D. Even on-line.
I used to get them from They carried 1X 2X 3X and 4X. They are out of production right now but are promised to to return.
Yes, the Danskin Ultra Shimmery ?X are very hard to find on the internet in stock. But I did find this yesterday:

I am in California. But I can buy European pantyhose over here from the many internet stores in America. I am looking for leads on pantyhose that you know are sheer to the waist. Let me repeat that I am looking for sheer pantyhose (not opaque tights) that I can wear with a leotard. So pantyline, extra gussets, reinforced front and back seams are not what I am looking for. I can already buy pantyhose like that.

LikeRa, can you suggest a specific type of Aristoc that is sheer to the waist? Aristoc Ultra Shine Pantyhose seems to be a possibility.

(06 Oct 2010, 04:55 )tight_mike Wrote: Yes, the Danskin Ultra Shimmery ?X are very hard to find on the internet in stock. But I did find this yesterday:

Thanks for the link, I didn't think there were any of them left. I just bought some.
(06 Oct 2010, 04:55 )tight_mike Wrote: LikeRa, can you suggest a specific type of Aristoc that is sheer to the waist? Aristoc Ultra Shine Pantyhose seems to be a possibility.

Yes, this is the model I had in mind. I think MadJack can help here. He often wears Aristoc.
Aristoc are excellent, though a bit fragile (which you might expect given how sheer they are). Be aware though the XL size differs from the others in not being sheer-to-waist, instead having what Aristoc calls a 'boxer brief' (which doesn't sound good).

As an aside, seven out of the sixteen customer reviews at are from men. Two of the male reviewers do claim they're speaking on behalf of their wife though...yeah...right...🙄

Ooophh... I forgot that you're from the UK too 😉

No wonder that they have more male reviewers than female - not many women wear tights in the UK. Always bare legs...

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