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Sheer pantyhose vs thick tights? How about layering?
What do you think is better: Sheer pantyhose (~15 denier) or thick tights (40+ denier)? Which is the best for what occasions? Also, how would you layer your pantyhose, sheer one on top or below thick ones, etc..?

I'm also thinking I should get some control tops but I'm not sure if it will be worth it How different is it compared to normal pantyhose? Sorry about having so many questions, I'm still a newbie Tongue
Hi @extrudar, welcome aboard Wink

(09 May 2017, 22:54 )extrudar Wrote: What do you think is better
This is sooooo personal.... Usually, there is no "better", but "different". I adore very thin transparent shiny film of 15den pantyhose (think of CdR or Platino ultrashiny laser cut silicone coated pantyhose), yet I find the look of opaque wetlook backseamed Wolford Satin de Luxe (or Uppsala) simply amazing.

Layering is a fantastic method to experiment with look and feel. Personally, I prefer no more, than 3 layers. 3 layers almost completely "decouple" you skin from the outside world - the outer layer glides against the middle one. If you have 2 layers only, you skin can directly feel the 2nd layer through the cells.

Control tops can be painful even for women. It all depends on the size(s) and construction. For example, Wolford Synergy tights feel like thin pantyhose worn with tight very elastic mini shorts - very interesting sensation.

So, please experiment and let us know Tongue
Layering is a nice look gives any hose a different look here are 2 of my layered looks. Am going to take more photos with glossy hose and nets soon. blk mini pink tights & fence nets.JPG thumbnail    blu tights wht fish mini.JPG thumbnail   
I like your pink tights with fishnets. Very nice.
And I like your skirt as well.
What do you wear for a top?
(29 May 2017, 16:34 )Tinker D Wrote: I like your pink tights with fishnets. Very nice.
And I like your skirt as well.
What do you wear for a top?
Depends on the day sometimes it's a all lace bodysuit or a thong bottom leotard or a long sleeve spandex top or my tank nylon lycra mini dress.

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