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Sexual Practices by Country
In Germany, there is a funny coding of sexual practices with country names. So for example Greek is anal, English is BDSM and French is oral. There are more, but these are the best known ones. I wonder if these "country codes" are used elsewhere too.

The reason why is the image underneath, that I want to translate.
The text is roughly "Piano Lessons, English School, call me 0180 .... (typical expensive mobile phone number), if you are very nice, we could do a trial lesson, bring your own dress". Of course it should transport the original idea and if "English School" doesn't have this side meaning, I have to think of something else.

They stole my idea of fetish schools/courses/gyms etc!!!! ;-) This is something I've been suggesting for years. Language lessons. In latex (and rope). Yes, real lessons. But with a kink.

I've never heard of country codes, only about handkerchiefs. Left pocket, right pocket, colour codes, etc.
Back in the seventies when prostitutes advertised via cards in shop windows etc there was a code in the UK that English Lessons meant spanking or caning and French lessons (or French polishing) meant oral but I doubt it's used much today. 'Large chest for rent' was another, I suspect it was your chance to give a lady a pearl necklace but I'm not sure about that one. I've not seen these euphemisms used in many years, not that I ever moved in those circles anyway. I suspect since everyone's on the internet now (and generally things are a lot more open these days) people are more straightforward about what they want or offer.
In the meantime I remember, that some French friends knew these codes too. However, that is about 20 years ago and even in Germany the knowledge seems to vanish. I made a few tests with mostly younger people and from those few, who had any idea at all, most only knew the meaning of "English".

By the way, I remember having seen this code in advertising first, and today they are more straightforward in Germany too.
Found it:
(10 Feb 2010, 02:08 )Like Ra Wrote: They stole my idea of fetish schools/courses/gyms etc!!!!

Ha! See this:
Rubber yoga!