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Selfbondage Color Finder 1.0 (New release method)
After reading this post I've decided to do a stand alone program that can be used as release method in selfbondage sessions.

The idea is that the program will be looking for a certain color on an area, and when this color "apears" inside this area the Selfbondage Color Finder will open the CD Tray or will run a program that work as release method

So you can put a floating object inside of a bucket and the program will wait for the color of this object to apear on screen to get you free. You can pee inside the bucket or take water from another container and pass it to the bucket with the object.

The programs doesn't have to be installed to work.
It works and has been tested on Windows Vista (x86), Windows 7 (x64) and on Windows XP (x86).

As the Selfbondage CD Tray Opener 3.0 and Selfbondage CD Tray Opener Simple Version it has a battery checker, so if you run the program on a laptop or on a computer with an UPS system and the battery level goes under 15% the program will open the CD Tray or run the release method selected.
It also has the shutdown and reboot prevent feature.

Let me explain you how to use the program:

When you run it, you'll get a screen like this one:
[Image: mainnp.png]
(depending on the resolution of your desktop it will have more space between commands. The minimun working resolution must be 1024x600, so it can be used with netbooks too. Next versions will change disposition of the commands depending on the resolution. I'm too busy to do it now)

If you look on the webcam window you will notice that there's a rectangle inside. You can change the position and the size of this rectangle using the arrows buttons
[Image: arrowsr.png]
You can resize and move this rectangle faster pressing control + the directional arrows in the keyboard or alt + the same arrows.

This rectangle is very important because the program will only look for the desired color inside this rectangle and it will ignore the rest of the webcam window.

So you must be sure that the object will pass through this rectangle when it floats or the program will not "see" it.
Anyway, the bigger you make the rectangle, the longer that the program will take to look for the color inside of it. I've setup the program to look for the color every 5 seconds to reduce cpu usage (on testings I use an i3 and a Core Duo at 1.6GHz and both worked fine)

The best way of setting up a session is to put the object inside the bucket and fill it with water. Then adjust the searching area with the arrows and press this button to choose the desired color to be looked for:
[Image: select.png]

Doing it will open a new windows where we can just pick a color:
[Image: colorpicker.png]
or even better, drag the tool marked with a red circle on the image above and drop it over the object, so you'll get the exact match of the desired color.

When you have choosed the color, you can test if the program will find it using the test button:
[Image: testta.png]

If you have choosed the color of the object and it stills inside the searching area, when you press the test button the computer will move the mouse pointer to the point where it has found the desired color and it will execute the release method selected.

If you remove the object from the searching area or if the program can't find the desired color, it will prompt you to change what I call the tolerance of the searching:
[Image: tolerancewarn.png]

This tolerance is how many gradients from the choosed color can the program look for. That's very important, because depending on the light changing or if the floating object changes its color a little when it gets wet it can happen that the program never finds a pixel that match exactly with the choosed color.

This tolerance can be setted with this input:
[Image: tolerance.png]

If you input a high tolerance level you can get false positives (and increase CPU usage), so make your test and choose an object that contrast a lot with the background.

When you have setted up the color to look for, the tolerance and have test with the test button that the program always recognizes the desired color, is time to setup the rest of the selfbondage session.

If you take a look at the right part of the gui you'll see 3 groups of options.

The fist one is where we must input how long must the session last.
[Image: sessionsetup.png]
So if we can't fill the container with liquid after this time the program will run the selected release method.
We can setup sessions up to 6000 minutes (100 hours!)

Here we can also choose if we want that the computer plays a beep every second during the countdown and if we want to play with random time (in that case you have to input the maximum desired time on the green input field and the minimum on the orange one)

The second group is where we can setup teasing options.
[Image: teasingsetup.png]
So here we can select if we want to play with sound teasing like on the Selfbondage CD Tray Opener 3.0 or like on the Selfbondage Fitness Unpersonal Trainer 1.0.

To use this feature we are going to need a microphone and a teasing program.
[Image: soundc.png]
Moving the slider we have to set a maximum level of noize threshold, and if we make a noize louder than this level we will be teased.
I've coded the Selfbondage Color Finder to only let 1 teasing at the same time (that's due to prevent problems if the teasing method is an Arduino board moving motors or programs that can work wrong if they run twice at the same time). To make the session a little more spicy, if you make a noize while you're being teased, you'll get 10 extra minutes on the waiting time countdown.

You have to choose the teasing program using the "change" button next to the red input. By default is selected any program named "pain.exe" stored in the same folder where you have the Selfbondage Color Finder.
To get more teasing programs please check

Finally you have two more options inside this group.

You can setup the program to tease you randomly. So the Selfbondage Color Finder will run the teasing program you have choosed on the input above. If you check this option you'll have to choose the % of probabilities of being randomly teased every second. The maximum % is 25% and the minimum allowed is 1%. Everytime that the program teases you due to this option you'll see on the screen a little indow like this one:
[Image: jackpoti.png]
(copy paste from Fitness Unpersonal Trainer)
If you have the sound teasing option turned on and you make a noize while you're being randomly teased you'll get your extra 10 minutes of waiting time too.

The last option on this group is jut a button to test that the teasing program works as desired.

And finally the more important group of commands on the program: the release method setup:
[Image: releasec.png]

Here you have to choose if you want that the release method will be just a CD tray opening or a program.

[Image: picture17w-1.gif]
(example of how to use the CD Tray to keep the key)
Like the teasing options, if you want to get release programs please take a look at [url=

Default selected release program is any executable named exit.exe that you have on the same folder that the Selfbondage Color Finder. If you want to use another release program just press the "change" button and select the desired .exe (on next versions I'll let you choose .cmd and .bat files).

On this group we have a test button too. Use it to see if the Color Finder recognizes your CD Tray, to see if the key always fall as desired, if the release program works as you want, etc... anyway only a fool will play without an alternative release method

When we have setted up all the desired options we can start the session pressing this button:
[Image: startbb.png]

Now we will get on screen a countdown like this one:
[Image: countdownv.png]
(it shows random letters when you play with random time)
and the program will look for the choosed color every 5 seconds.

You can download the program from:
Selfbondage Color Finder 1.0

I hope you find this program useful and you share with us any scenario or idea regarding this program.

Once again I apologize for grammar errors.

Greets from Barcelona
To be honest, I still don't get the idea of using colors.... is it just to add more randomness?
(06 Feb 2011, 00:17 )Like Ra Wrote: To be honest, I still don't get the idea of using colors.... is it just to add more randomness?

No, I think, it is a form of object/event recognition. You must do something in order to get free, and program use colors to determine, have you done it or not. Simplest example - you must bring red ball to your notebook, and show it to webcam =)
Take a look at the post where a guy asked for a release method to get the idea.

"I am looking for a release mechanism .
The idea is simple , I am secured in a standing position .
My nipples are clamped and conected to weights that will be suported until I lean back .
To gain release I have to transfer liquid from one container to another .
The catch is I intend to have 3 containers with different liquids in them and 5 containers to fill (this will leave 2 empty ) ( only one container will release the key ).
So you can only move the liquid from one container by leaning back and sucking it through a straw, this pulls on the nipple clamps .
To add a bit of a twist , weights will drop down pulling on my nipples . these will not be supported they will just keep pulling !
So can anyone sugest a method that I can use to release a key by filling a container with liquid ?"

The idea is to put an object that floats inside one container. And if you fill this container with liquid (doing what the guy described or peeing inside) the object will float and will raise the searching area.

Thanks for reading
Ah, got it now. That was my first thought, but then I decided that I was wrong. Thanks!
I've got an idea!

You have to pump something (an inner tube?) up with a foot pump. A big dildo should be mounted on top of the pedal. Got the idea?

"Something" inflates and appears in the camera.
I think color is okay but can it recognize light or darker shades as the same color? say yellow and neon yellow would be read as the same color?
(24 Feb 2011, 16:22 )ron77hays Wrote: I think color is okay but can it recognize light or darker shades as the same color? say yellow and neon yellow would be read as the same color?

You can play with the "Tolerance" setup to let the program look for variations of the same color.
As usual: test it as many times as you can.
[Image: 3.jpg]

the idea in one image. Next week new version that will look for the desired color in real time.
Al the rope i tried
Al bad
De cd opends

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