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Safety First: Take Care
I've been debating whether to make this post over the last few weeks but obviously have decided to make it!

I am reasonably experienced at these games and have been mucking around for over 10 years. And I guess I got a little complacent and, no exaggeration, came as close to death as I've ever done before. Please read on and learn from my mistake.

So I was wearing a bondage mask and a few other bits and pieces and decided to go for the pantyhose single glove ( ). As mentioned in that guide I'm always careful to ensure the hose doesn't put pressure around the neck. Ive done this many times without any probs.

However, and Im not sure how, the tights slipped up off my chest and began to put a lot of pressure round my neck. At this point my arms were behind my back and I was unable to pull them away to release the pressure. At that point I began to feel a little light headed and (imo) was moments from fainting.

The adrenaline kicked in and I broke through the hose to reach round and pull them away from my neck. I was then able to get to some scissors and release myself fully.

This was by no means easy and had the tights been thicker or I was unable to get to cutting equipment I might not be writing this now.

My camera was set up to record all this and the photos are rather frightening to look back over. Of course had I not been so lucky my family would have come in to a very unpleasant scene.

Personally I will not be doing anything like this ever again, the thought just sends shivers down my spine and I get occasional flash backs when I remember just how close I was to drifting off. That feeling is the worst I've ever felt, I remember thinking "please not now, not like this". It made me think of the poor souls who weren't so lucky.

I was planning to share some pics but not sure it is appropriate, I'll just leave you with how one of my arms looked after ripping the hose apart. My other arm was worse and left scarred - which I like in a way as it will always remind me why I wont do this again.

[Image: 4612814178_ea06f2f99f_m.jpg]

Please take care. As much as a fantasy might seem exciting don't attempt anything that you can't get out of in seconds if you need to. I was lucky.
This is plainly scary ....

I wonder what happened and why the band slid up.

Is it possible that the "upper leg" was twisted? I had some problems when the "dangling leg" was not centered behind by back.

Another point. The "upper leg" must be pulled down as much as possible to not create any tension upwards.

Is it clear on the video?

Lucky escape and the scars to show for it!

I guess this is the risk we all face when indulging in our hobby – I have also had some scary moments of my own (posted some elsewhere in the forum).

But, ponder on this thought:

It may just be me, though I suspect it isn’t, but whenever I’ve had a true fright and I’ve thought ‘if I get out of this one I’ll give it all up! No more selfbondage!!'...

..without fail I’ve always come back to my secret passion.

Always wiser, always more careful, but always unable to stop myself risking all again for that wonderful feeling I get during a session.

Why do I (we) do it? I don't know, nor do I wish for someone to tell me -I just like it!I_am_so_happy

I see no difference in what I do compared to someone driving a fast car or bungee jumping off a bridge or any other number of 'dangerous sports'.

My approach is 'plan', 'plan again', 'have an escape', 'have a back-up escape', 'double check everything', 'fail safe - not fail unsafe' and always, always 'have fun' Dance2

Hope to see more from your good self Swoodie - don't give up!

as always - Play Safe!


Ps. Swoodie - how are you going to explain away the bruising?
In any case, "autoerotic asphyxiation" is not something I want ever to be written in my death certificate or a related document.
The reason I decided to post was that I felt it would be productive - from a post traumatic stress point of view. For obvious reasons there is no one else I can talk about this with!

So thanks for the responses 😊

(17 May 2010, 09:56 )madjack Wrote: My approach is 'plan', 'plan again', 'have an escape', 'have a back-up escape', 'double check everything', 'fail safe - not fail unsafe' and always, always 'have fun' Dance2

Ps. Swoodie - how are you going to explain away the bruising?

Well that's the point madjack. I hope everyone is that careful and I could kick myself for being complacent. Why didn't I have scissors nearer? Why didn't I stop sooner?

To answer the above question, I'm not sure what happened. I think it was because I was struggling to get my arms in and the tights began to rise as I wrestled to get them in place. I just didn't spot the danger. I could have easily - ultimately this was human error and complacency.

I've never been as "extreme" as some people here, and I think I will play around in the future. Perhaps less emphasise on the self-bondage part and more on the fetish fun.

Thanks for listening 😊

Oh, yes, the bruises. I just stayed covered up for 3 weeks. Yep 3 whole weeks for the bruising to go and I still have a scar which just looks like sore skin. Thankfully it is still cold here and stuck to long sleeve tops and in the dark "snuggling". Everyone gets up at different times but the weekends were a bit tricky. I was ready to say I "fell over" but not sure that was believable - the same bruising on both arms...
I still don't understand how it's possible to get such haematomas from one pair of pantyhose ... The place of the bruise is exactly where the band should be. Probably it was stretched to the limits (or not stretchy at all). But in this case it should be like a very tightly bound string. And this haematoma looks indeed like a "hard fall".

What kind of pantyhose you were using? Probably the size was two small and the material was not stretchy (like cotton?).

Just brainstorming to collect as much information as possible to avoid such accidents. Actually, this is one of my favourite self-bondage methods, so...
I don't think there is any reason to look for the cause of this accident any further. Self-bondage is a risky game and we all know it. Explaining mistakes in scenarios only make us feel safer and push our limits a bit more. It gives me the creeps when I remember certain things that I have tried in the past. In the meantime, there are a couple of things that I simply avoid and some of them actually lost all their appeal. I am still into self-asphyxiation, but never ever combined with bondage and I am trying to make sure, that the process can be stopped immediately. Still not sure, if that is a perfect life insurance and more and more often, I am looking for alternative stimulations. But things I could have faced earlier were starvation, asphyxiation, strangling, bad injuries to several joints and probably more. On top of that social damage that detection might have been able to cause. I used to be pretty careless, especially because I drank a lot at that time. But it was also the hype that made me careless often.

Thanks for posting this, I will put it down to those experiences, that I hopefully never have to get by myself.
(23 Jun 2010, 22:01 )Strappado Wrote: I don't think there is any reason to look for the cause of this accident any further.

Mmm... I can't totally agree. I do care about the root cause, because this is one of my favourite self-bondage techniques. And I would like to know why it might happen. And I'm still not convinced that it actually happened. At least as described. Hence, I want to know more.
Like Ra asked me to post stories about self bondage accidents so I'll put this here.

The first is a forensic slide show about investigating scenes of autoerotic fatalities.  WARNING - the slides include graphic photos of some deceased victims.

Those slides really make me take safety precautions seriously!

Here are some other miscellaneous reports and academic studies:

"An objective overview of autoerotic fatalities"

Autoerotic death by tractor shovels (???)

Unusual mechanisms in autoerotic deaths:

Death from playing with e-stim:

A study of 40 accidental autoerotic deaths in Northern Germany:

Female accidental autoerotic death (considered rare):

Autoerotic death from applying electricity to the scrotum:

Death of 19-yo female via possibly self-applied tape gag:

Autoerotic death myths:

Possibly self-induced fatal air embolism:

Death from suspension with plastic bag over head:

A practitioner of self-strangulation helps researchers understand how the body reacts to strangulation:

A 89-year man who drowned outside during "autosexual activities":

Oh, and the vac bed death of a well-known founder of King Engineering:

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