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"Riding The Office Chair" Scenario
Sorry for take so long posting here this scenario.

If you have an office chair at home, then you can give this a try:
[Image: scenario.jpg]

A is an office chair 8)

B is a radiator, but it can be wherever you can tie some ropes or chains (a door, a fence, a towel holder, etc...)

C is a chain that will tie you to the radiator, so until the first release method works you will be not able to get away from the starter position (so nippleclamps will still teasing you and you'll have to wait in order to get free)

D is a rope tied to the battery holder of a wired vibrator (or buttplug) so when you can separate from wall it will activate the batteries (explained later)

E are two ropes that links two clothespins clamping your nipples to the radiator, so when you can move you'll have to pull them (ouch)

F is an alternative (or can be combined) to E. You can tie the clothespins (or if you have nippleclamps it will work better then) so when you separate from the radiator the weigh will fall pulling all the time the nippleclamps

G are the clothespins (or, if you're using the weigh, the they can be nippleclamps).

H is the batteries holder of a wired vibrator (or buttplug... Or both at the same time!) See the photo below to see how to connect it to activate the vibration when you move away from the radiator.

I is a chain or a rope that will link your tied ankles to the base of the chair, letting you only make very little "steps"

J is a chain that ties your hands (that are cuffed) to the base of the chair, just letting you raise a little your hands to get the keys.

K are the vibrators and buttplugs that will be playing during the session

L are anklecuffs, In the images is not very well detailed, but your legs must be tied together

M are handcuffs or leathercuffs. They will have to be conected will a longer than normal chain (and notice that you'll have to release yourself just using only one hand, so you'll better have to use some padlocks on the middle of the chain). If you can't manage to unlock padlock you can tie yourself wih chains and zipties and use scissors instead of keys as release method.

N is the first release method. Until it works you will can not reach the keys that opens the padlock that keeps you tied to the wall (C)

And how do I untie my hands when I can move with the office chair making tiny steps (and blinfoled, of course)...

[Image: light.jpg]

Get some keys and magnets and hang the keys with the magnets from all your light in the house (rope long enough to let you catch it sitting in the office chair).
The funiest way of doing that is do not knowing wich key is the good one, so you'll have to go through the house blinded testing everykey... and with the vibrators working... but how do we make them works when we get apart from the radiator.

Take a look at:
[Image: batteries.jpg]

You'll have to remove the cover of the batteries (and secure them at place with zip tie (in this picture it will be Q)

O is the wire that goes to the vibrator/butplugg and D is the rope that ties the battery holder to the radiator.

P is a little piece of plastic that cut the circuit of the batteries and that when it is removed (is tied to the radiator with D) it lets the batteries do their work (think when you've bought an alarm clock, most of them came with a plastic like that)

I hope you'll find this one interesting.

Needless to say that I apologize for any grammar error

Greets from Barcelona
Rather than reply a half dozen times, can I just say 'Thank you so much to Querty... for all of the excellent posts'?
Great stuff.
Yes, let's use this thread for saying "thanks!".

Thanks for your time and efforts, Querty from Barcelona!!!
wow really cool 😊

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