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Chair tie plan
Well after a very quiet stint of time i will have some fun windows open up in the next couple of months.... 

One of the scenarios I want to try is a chair tie while latexed up. 

I plan to get a large square board and fix the chair (temporarily) to the board. 
Then I can screw eyebolts into the board where I need. 
I’ll strap a dildo to the chair seat using a stainless ring and some straps crossing under the seat. 
Sit down and strap ankle straps to front eyebolts 
Use body harness and thought straps to limit the amount I’m able to pull up off the dildo but never fully off it. All it would succeed in doing is me working it in and out as my legs tired. 

Arms round the back secured to ice release to rear fixings via one way rope system. 
I plan to get a mains powered massager that I can use via a timer block to tease my chastity trapped groin. 

Nipple clamps and gag may also come into play. 

Can anybody see anything I’ve oversloked or have other suggestions
Interesting idea, I would like to see some details.
The chair tie I describe in another post just keeps you in place and doesn't use a board as a seat.
The board is not the seat.
It’s the base so that I can screw in the anchor points without damaging the chair.
So, does the chair stand on the board?
Oh, just had a "Light bulb!" moment.

Such a simple solution to a problem I've been pondering for ages - I don't want to damage furniture (or at least I don't want people to ask what caused the damage!  ☺ ) but I wanted to be able to use eyebolts and such as tie down points.

 @ltxrob has come up with a blindingly simple solution that'll achieve exactly what I wanted  Clapping

Now all I need to do is find a big board....

@tinker D - yes, I plan to fix the chair to the board either by drilling up into the leg and putting a screw up into each leg, or use some straps round the lower rungs (if the chair has them) to tie it down.

@madjack - no probs. Glad to help! 😉
I plan to go to B&Q and get a piece of plywood either 1/2” and double it up
Or 3/4” /1” and just go for it.
I think 2ft square should be ok.

Another thought I’m having is scrrwing and old pair of hiking boots or similar down to the board. Feet won’t be moving then!! Ha ha ha.
The wood for the board was acquired yesterday.
Got a small sheet of 15mm OSB
Cut in half and I’ll glue and screw the two pieces together to get a 30mm thick board.
Ok, here is an idea.
Before you glue the two panels together, place your chair on one of your panels, mark and drill the four holes so the chair's legs can fit into these holes.
Then you can glue the two panels together.
That gives you 4 pockets your chair's legs to fit into.
The reasion for this, when your done with your chair tie, your panel can remove and hidden anywhere.
Glue some carpet on the bottom to prevent scratching hardwood floors.
Have you been reading my mind @Tinker D ??? 😉

That was basically my plan, only thought against it is that I’m quite tall and ideally wanted to lift the chair up higher, not make it lower.
May resolve this by adding a third smaller layer/blocks and fix the chair to this.

I have no wooden floors so that’s not and issue.
Or, nail some 2x4 studs to the bottom. That will raise the platform 3 1/2 inches.

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