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Remote auto photo shooting
I would like to make pictures
Of my self bondage.
-My MacBook
-my Canon eos400
-my tripot

I would like that THE camera makes pictures
Say Every minute
found a app
I Can set an timer
WinkBig Grin

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Have a look at these controls:

Search eBay UK: hahnel remote control canon
Search eBay DE: hahnel remote control canon
Search hahnel remote control canon

I have the one without the timer. The downside is that it's not waterproof, and if you are bound in latex or in a latex bodybag, or playing with enemas it will get wet and will stop working for some time.

So, the timer version will produce more images, but without any human intervention.

BTW, I'm going to buy another Hähnel remote control, or indeed, two (both versions). One for "dry" plays, one for "wet" ones Tongue
I too have a canon and use the eos utility on my laptop connect camera to laptop launch utilty and you can set remote shooting on utility use a tripod and set camera to take pix every so often delay up to you and for how long again up to you eg take pic every 2mins for 1hr etc etc this program is free from canon hope it helps
Saw a device the other day.


It tracks you, takes pictures and video.
Looks like a great thing to have. You wear this little tracker, and soloshot will keep you in the center of the shot.

At lease the demo looked cool.
Don't forget all the other things that make a good photo!

I think it was @Anne who pointed out the need for good lighting (poor quality lighting will make the best camera in the world take images like the cheapest phone camera) and the use of multiple camera angles. I know that my lighting isn't the best and its something I'm trying to improve (when I ever get the chance and desire to play again)

I try to set up my own 'best' camera to take a shot every 30 or 60 seconds (that's a lot of images over a good session - make sure your memory card and battery are up to it!) but I also scatter some cheaper video cameras (webcams) around the room, at different angles,  and they can produce great images (and video) too.  

(24 May 2016, 02:59 )Tinker D Wrote: SOLOSHOT
Interesting, but expensive, and not very useful if you are not moving around (but tightly bound and tied down to a very stationary object Tongue ). But if you are, this is probably the only alternative to multiple cameras.
(24 May 2016, 08:56 )madjack Wrote: the need for good lighting
Yes, always. I usually use a powerful flash in the "direct" or "bounced" mode. Tried to use two, but they do not work in the A/E-TTL mode - the pre-flash of the 1st one triggers the second.