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Devices for remotely controlled and automatic photo shooting
How do you make photos of yourself when you are self-bound? What remote controls, timers or auto-shooting software do you use? Or do you use webcams?
I know it's possible to control my Nikon D3100 from my (Linux) pc:

I can run a script that shoots a photo every few seconds.

Personally I prefer setting up a camera, it's the same amount of work to setup but photo's only work if framed correctly etc. The video stills won't look as good but then I do have video so there is that. Webcams work ok (take one with a glass lens like the microsoft cams) if you have enough light *. I now use a cheap Sony Handicam (think it was 160€) on a tripod.

* enough light = more light than you think is necessary. In the room where I shoot I have 4 big fluorescent tubes on the ceiling and an additional 4 tubes around me flooding the room with "cool white" light. Looks overkill but I can make it darker in post while making something lighter just isn't possible without adding lots of noise.

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