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Photo editing software
How do you post-process your photos? Any possibility of "automation" or tips&tricks to get the photos on the site ASAP? Any useful programs for Windows/Linus/MacOS/Android/iOS?
I use IrfanView and Gimp.
Greetings Wink
Here's my typical "photo path":

o- I always shoot in RAW
o- I have 4 prepared logos in (horizontal white and black, vertical white and black)
o- I use Photoshop CS6 to:
- edit in RAW
- convert
- check colours on two very different computers.
- rescale
- add logo
- save for Web

And that takes too much time...
(29 Jun 2017, 23:04 )franz löve Wrote: I use IrfanView and Gimp.
I use Gimp for something VERY simple, like cropping and resizing. After Photoshop it feels extremely inconvenient. PS is, actually, the major reason I have one Windows box at home...

For non-fetish stuff I use Picasa and upload into the Google cloud.

No idea what IrfanView is.
Imagemagic is free and can be scripted, it's all command line. So all basic stuff like resizing and adding logos that are not error prone can be done by the script. Gimp also has scripting capabilities, so you can adjust white balance, contrast etc for a whole bunch of images in one go.
Here is IrfanView
Greetings Wink
A great article on using OpenSource software for photo processing:

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