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Quick test with new rope ratchet
I bought myself 2 of these:


These are rope ratchets, not for the belts I used previously but just for normal rope. Yesterday I decided to do a quick test with them to see how they hold up in self bondage. I found them at Gamma, a hardware store chain in Belgium, for I think 5€ a piece. They work very well and should be able to hold 150kg.

I put on a bra, swimsuit, leotard and a zip up swimsuit and tied myself up. When I say quick experiment it really was quick. Less than 10 minutes for the tie, then less than 10 in bondage because I needed to get out and clean up before the girlfriend gets home Smile

The release I used is the same as explained in my "knot release" scenario: knot release, but I just let the release hang loose. This in order to get out without issue for stated reason.

Here are a few screencaps from the video I recorded:

This under 10 minute tie was amazingly one of the best I did so far, very comfortable yet restrictive. The short time is like a sprint from "I'm so horny" to "I'm stuck" in a blink. Usually it takes longer, you have to think hard, decide to change something, try something new, test it first. This was easy and before the hesitation or rational thinking creeps in I was securely tied.

I will use the exact same one next time but then use the release method where I have to anchor a ring attached to my mask and pull as explained also here. But then I will put the anchor point in the next room and something that requires a lot of cleaning when knocked over in the doorway, that should get me motivated to do some real struggling. Hopefully I will have time to "anonymize" the room so I can record a video for you.
Hej, nice setup you've got there. I was wondering in which rack did you found those rope ratchets? I can't seem to find them in my Gamma shop. Also, I don't know to name them in Dutch...

Greetings and thank you in advance
(16 Oct 2012, 12:13 )robbert Wrote: Hej, nice setup you've got there. I was wondering in which rack did you found those rope ratchets? I can't seem to find them in my Gamma shop. Also, I don't know to name them in Dutch...

Greetings and thank you in advance

I saw them just today, they are in the same rack as all the carabiners, rings, hooks, etc. Should be somewhere close to the ropes. I think they call them "touwspanners".

I did remember the price wrong, its actually 8 something €.
(10 Oct 2012, 21:51 )Anne Wrote: I found them at Gamma
(16 Oct 2012, 16:13 )Anne Wrote: I think they call them "touwspanners".
Exactly what I needed! Thanks much! Will have a look there (tomorrow?)
I found some pictures for "touwspanners" at Google. No pictures of your device, but one was interesting all the same:


It is from

I tried it and it works pretty well. you have to pull on the center or lower strand to tighten or losen the construction. It changes the tension betwen the "tiket" and the open end of the rope, length reduction 1/3 when the "paalsteek" (bowline) is at the "piket" (tent peg). I guess, the recommended knots are good, because it will be possible to open them even after heavy load (check the above website for the knots, they are not too hard). You tie the "gareelsteek" (google translates this as "harness plug" which seems wrong) first, pull the rope through, then around some fixed point (door handle, peg, whatever you have), then tie off the end with a bowline.

Aha! You can also pull the bowline (paalsteek) back and forth directly, which is only a bit harder in one direction. Or you could attach a rope to it for "remote control".

This is a rope pulley, which is blocked by friction, when the ends (fixed point and open rope end) are pulled apart, it stays at where you set it.

I did look for tent rope spanners when I tried to find a way to tighten lacing, this one won't help, others either. But good that I didn't remember the term "rope ratchet", when I started looking for the original device. It might be useful for some other purpose in SB or even in setting up a tent. Wink

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