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Quick and dirty but safe hog-tie
This method came to my mind yesterday evening and I tried it right away, with very good results! You only need a bed or bed-like sofa, one piece of rope, perhaps 4m long, and another short rope.

My major concern when trying a hog-tie in SB has always been to get my hands as close as possible to my feet, being as immobile as possible. Of course, there is the well known "ring device", but, if well applied, it is final and you need some new rope each time.

Well, here is, what I did:

I tied a fairly long rope to one leg of a long sofa. A bed would do too. My sofa is a convertible sofa, which can also be used as a bed. With the free end, I tied my ankles together. I took another rope and tied a ring, that is just wide enough to get both wrists in. Then I moved very close to the side of the sofa where the ankle rope is attached and assumed a side-hog-tie-position as close as possible to the sofa leg. Then I slid one hand through the small rope ring, moved the rope, that connects ankles and sofa leg over the ring and slid the other hand in too.

The situation now was like this: Ankles tied together, the rest of the rope from there leading between my wrists (behind my back), over the wrist tie and then down over one side of the sofa to the nearest sofa leg. I was on one side, knees bent and directly at the side of the sofa.

I then turned onto my belly, assumed the typical hog-tie position and started to move away from the side of the sofa. The rope to my ankles slowly straightened and pulled my hands towards my feet. I had to adjust it a few times, because there was a lot of friction between the ropes. Moving was quite exhausting, since I had to "walk" on shoulders and hips. Eventually, the rope stopped me and I found my hands and feet as close together as possible (pretty much at least) and the wrist tie cinched "securely". This was the tightest hog-tie, I have ever experienced. Although I knew, that I only needed to move back in order to get free, this was quite a sensational feeling and I enjoyed it until the end of it, which came far too soon! By the way, I was completely soaked in sweat and really relaxed after this. And once my body had cooled down, I had a very nice and long shower. That's what I call "Wellness" Big Grin .

Ok, this is no secure bondage at all, you can move back as soon as you like. But this bondage can be very strict and tight and therefore great for those, who are more interested in the sensational type of bondage than in real helplessness.

I also thought of some possible improvements.

You could add a crotch rope and lead the rope between ankles and wrists through there. This should make moving even harder and remove some strain from the wrists, which cannot be pulled beyond the crotch rope.

Add a shoulder harness instead of the crotch rope and tie you hands in box-tie style (insert them into the ring from opposite sides). The hands will be pulled up towards the shoulder harness (which should not be too high), instead of down to the feet. The feet will be pulled towards the harness as well, possibly even more, than in the original way. I suppose, there is no further movement possible once your legs start to lift off, but attaining that much is pretty good for SB, isn't it?`I think, this is the method, I will try next.

Nobody asked, but here two drawings of the original method:

This is the position after inserting the other hand into the rope ring, sort of relaxed on the side, a second to get free.

If the ankle rope is not too long, this is, how you will end up after some crawling, a very strict and tight hog-tie. You must crawl back to the other end of the sofa in order to get free.

I suppose, you can dream to look like this:

Some more nice photos there, best view is here:

Of course, you could bind your knees together. I am not sure, if you can move enough then, to get into the tight position, but it is worth trying.
What you can do is to tie you ankles and knees together first, then bend your legs and tie your bound ankles to your hips or waist. So one part of the hogtie is done. Then you can use the SRD tied to the knee rope and pull your wrists as close to the knees as possible.

Using this technique you can go even further than "hands touching feet".

About the time-release. Add an ice-lock between the SRD and the knee rope.
Interesting ideas. As of time-release, it can be done with a electromagnet, placed exactly in front of you. What to attach to it, depends on its power, and imagination. It can be clover clamp, placed on nose, for example =)

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