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Poll: Do the persons you are living with know about your fetishes?
This poll is closed.
Yes, everything, but I play alone
1 4.55%
Yes, and we play together
2 9.09%
Yes, but not everything
8 36.36%
Just a bit...
0 0%
No, nothing. I think...
9 40.91%
I don't know...
2 9.09%
Other (please comment)
0 0%
Total 22 vote(s) 100%
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Poll: Do your parents/roommates/spouse know about your fetishes?
Following this poll ( 73% of the participants live together with someone else. Do these people know about your fetishes?
They don't know as far as I know, one time my dad caught on my old computer where I was doing a backup of latex pictures, I really hide it very well but he was searching for sometime "incriminatory" so he found those pictures. He just tell me to delete those pictures and everyone start looking at porn sometimes but it wasn't right. Of course I "delete" those pictures, and just zipped them and add a password to the file name "pcstuff.rar" with size of more than 10gb. But I have my latex clothes, vibrator, rope and plain sight sadly, I don't have a big room and in my closet you can see almost everything, I hide everything with my normal clothes (they never go through my stuff) but it's difficult to be "calm" while I'm at work hoping they never see it.

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