Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
Like Ra's Naughty Playground

oil shiny bodycon
Sexy Women Tights Pencil Dress Sheer See Thorugh Micro Mini Dress Oil Glossy Shiny Elastic Bodycon Backless Wrap Hip Dress

mouth gag
BDSM Latex Inflatable Insert Mouth Gag bondage restraints toys adult sex games mouth plug Ball

latex zentai
sexy lingerie exotic club wear unisex black latex open face hoods cekc zentai fetish customize size costumes XS-XXL

high waist faux leather
Women Mini Faux Leather Solid Pencil Skirts High Waist PU Skirts Slim Short Skirt Bottoms Female

Shascullfites melody
Shascullfites Melody Pu High Waist Leggings Brown Leather Leggings X Cross Pants V Shape Leggings Winter Women Fleece Leggings

Wechery Steampunk Vintage Corset Gothic Clothing Corsets & Bustiers Lace up Sexy Long Korset Corsage Plus Size Steel Bone Punk

vac-u-lock toy
Rough Beast 23.5cm Silicone Dildo 18cm Insertable Long Realistic Penis 4cm Diameter for Vac-u-lock Sex Machine Love Machine Toys

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Permit me to ramble
48 year old bondage and spandex fan, been into this stuff forever it seems. My sexuality began back in the '70s, the prime days of Lycra (I don't care for disco, but god do I miss that era sometimes...😋 )

Interesting thing about this blog is the similarities Like Ra and I seem to have - not only did I notice the post about "Perils of Batgirl" (I love the second of the stories!) but also "Nana to Kaoru", which I discovered about a year ago and instantly fell in love with. (What I wouldn't give for my own Nana!)
Hello and welcome!

 viz ramble.jpg   
Welcome indeed! 😉
BTW, probably it's a good idea to create an "Please introduce yourself" thread and move all related posts to it.

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