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Newbie and New Fetish (aprons or pinafores)?
Hi everyone.

Just stumbled across this fine forum and wonder if you guys cater for my particular fetish- aprons or pinafores? In particular women's aprons and associated work wear, such as nurse or maid.

I can't find anything more sexy than seeing a pretty girl in a PVC pinny (or rubber, cotton, nylon) and rubber gloves. Unless she is also in a nurse uniform...

Anyway, I doubt this will attract much attention but wanted to introduce myself as I also like rubber and fetish wear too, so I'm sure I'll find something to keep me amused.
Wearing a PVC apron will catch all the dribbles and keep your uniform clean.  Plastic panties help too...  
Hi and welcome!

A couple of apron related links to start with:

Maids uniform (art):

Schoolgirl uniform:
Hello and welcome!

Hope you enjoy your stay here as much as I have. 😊
Aprons can be quite arousing indeed. I like the way, aprons accentuate the shapes underneath, especially hips and breasts of women.

Do you only like the watch or do you also wear aprons?

What are pinafores?
Appreciate the welcome and hope my kink isn't too out of the norm.

Pinafores are the slightly old fashioned word for apron, usually curtailed to "pinny". The word can also mean a type of women's garment or part of a school uniform, but I use it wholly to mean apron.

As to my liking them, well, it's the whole thing. I wear them as often as possible and love to see my wife in a pinny too.

I usually wear at least two aprons at home, with a tabard (another type of apron), with the last pinny always a bibbed, PVC style.

My wife indulges my "hobby" and will dress in nurse uniform and aprons/gloves at least once a week for full on naughty sex.
Wearing a PVC apron will catch all the dribbles and keep your uniform clean.  Plastic panties help too...  
Pinafore is an apron-like dress:

"A pinafore is a full apron with two holes for the arms that is tied or buttoned in the back, usually just below the neck. Pinafores have complete front shaped over shoulder while aprons usually have no bib, or only a smaller one. A child's garment to wear at school or for play would be a pinafore."
Should also add, while my wife is great with the apron thing, I've kept my passion for rubber secret. The hoods, gags and plugs only come out to play when she's away on business but I do wear plastic panties under my pinnies.
Wearing a PVC apron will catch all the dribbles and keep your uniform clean.  Plastic panties help too...  
Hi, I also like all things apron, especially pvc . I'm new to the forum but would like to talk to like minded people who share my interest. I like to wear one of my wife's   plastic pinnies for household chores sometimes over a wraparound overall.  I'm shy of letting other people see me and would love to have the courage to go outside wearing an apron to put the rubbish out etc.  Anyone else have simar experiences? Maybe one day I could do chores for someone else. Appreciate the welcome and hope my kink isn't too out of the norm.
I like aprons as well. It's like a dual skirt of sorts.
I trick I learned a few years ago, was to remove the strings, insert groments and with a hook and a rubberband. This keeps the apron nice and tight.
A great addition to self bondage.

Oh yea, welcome to our little group.
Have you ever met up with a like minded person?

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