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New to pantyhose and I've got a question about control/bodyshaping tights
I just bought a pair of control top tights and they're pretty fantastic, nice and snug. However, I can't really pull them up pass my hips as it starts to put too much pressure on my balls. Seeing so many people on here do crazy things like putting on a dozen pairs of control top pantyhose, how do you manage with the pressure down there? Also, would it be possible to cause any damage to the penis with so much pressure on that area?
And oh, is it safe to wear pantyhose/tights for long periods of time? What's the longest you've ever gone in one?
The usual rule of thumb is - "painful? don't do it." Possibly the pantyhose you bought are indeed too tight. Possibly the size is too small. Possibly your private parts are too big. Try "sheer-to-waist" pantyhose with no control top and no built-in "boxers". Or remove the gusset, and let your "manhood" hang freely 😉 There is a lot of ways to enjoy pantyhose 😋
(07 May 2017, 14:19 )doxel Wrote: What's the longest you've ever gone in one?
24x7 for many days (yes, I changed them 😉 )
Thanks for the quick reply! Just one last question: would drying pantyhose in front of a heater damage them? I've been doing that since it dries so fast, literally a few minutes and there wouldn't be a drop of water left. I'm worried that this might damage the fabric though
Yea, your pantyhoes are too small.
It is interesting to note that very rarely can you find pantyhoes for a rather tall person. But they are out there.

Yea, if your balls hurt when you ware, get the next size larger.

I can go for days wearing my hoes.
(07 May 2017, 15:07 )doxel Wrote: would drying pantyhose in front of a heater damage them?
I prefer to dry them "naturally" and do not "stress" the yarn. OTOH, nylons are shaped using high temperature, so most likely it should be OK.
Hey Ra, you just gave an idea.
Because you just stated that nylons are shaped using heat, then maybe you can warm them with steam to the point that the nylons could be made to fit your form better than if they came out of the package.

I wonder if that would work?
Some facts:

Nylon melts at 190–350 °C
Pantyhose are dyed at 95 °C and shaped at 140 °C

So, at least there should not be any problem drying them by a heater.
(07 May 2017, 16:49 )Like Ra Wrote: Some facts:

Nylon melts at 190–350 °C
Pantyhose are dyed at 95 °C and shaped at 140 °C

So, at least there should not be any problem drying them by a heater.

Great, that will really put my mind at ease when I'm blasting heat on my tights. Well, they're cheap ones anyway. Btw, I just got another pair of control top pantyhose and this one fits perfectly. The last one I got was 40dn while this one is 15dn, which probably helped a bit. I ripped a tiiiny hole in it though, forgetting that my nails were a bit sharp in my excitement to get them on. Hopefully it doesn't get much larger very quickly. Oh well.

I don't really notice much of a difference compared to normal pantyhose though, are control tops just suppose to be just a little bit tighter? Which one do you prefer?

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