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New stuff for SB
Hi all, i'm an old reader of the forum and this is my first post.. I'm sorry for my english and mistakes. I don't remember any post about this thing so excuse me if i repost this.. Today i saw this video (


and my kinky mind immediately brought me back of the possibilities in Self-Bondage.. Is there anyone who "play" with this? Any feedback or just some ideas on what to create for selfbondage?.. I was thinking of some dildo/gag or some type of padlock.. Let me know!
I have read about the stuff in rc-model building already and it seems to be pretty cool! My first idea was to use it like an ice cube, for release - heat it, when you want to get free. However, that can be dangerous, as the temperature for softening the stuff is 60°, not exactly skin-friendly. But I got another idea: Perhaps there is a way to use the stuff in a way, that it must get hard to trigger the release. According to the website, it hardens eventually, when colder than 60°C (not Fahrenheit!). The big question is, how long that will take.

No ideas for items.

I checked the price out of curiosity, and it isn't cheap. Perhaps there are similar materials at better prices...