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New Device
A while ago I made a simple sleeve from rubberised fabric. It was measured to go from one elbow to the other while the arms are in the "box tie" position, i.e. each hand grabbing the elbow of the other arm. Now I am about to solve the three features needed for self-bondage, putting it on, securing it and getting it off.

In order to put this sleeve on, I slide one side over the left arm, the other side has a string attached to a point inside the crook of the arm and one near the elbow, which I hang over a hook and pull the sleeve up with it. Not perfect, but it works. This would be a nice way to secure the sleeve as well, but it would require some sort of harness - complicated - postponed.

For partner bondage, I would simply run one or two sets of laces over the length of the sleeve. It is still an option for the SB sleeve, but it will be difficult to make a tightening system. So for now, I have a string going through two eyelets, with a special "multiple sliding knot" that I developed for this purpose. The knot is almost as simple as the normal sliding knot, except that you wrap the short end, that is not to be pulled, several times around the long end and then pull it through all the wraps. This creates lots of friction and holds pretty tight. The string only pulls together the eyelets, it doesn't go around the arm. This is important because otherwise it would cut off circulation quickly.

Release: for the moment none, but it doesn't really require a release, the material is stretchy and with some patience I can struggle out. The easiest solution is a safety knot in the securing string, which, when pulled, will open.

Photos or designs to follow.

Possible improvements:
Attach the sleeve to a belt or shoulder strap to support the forearms
Self-fastening straps instead of the strings
A clever release mechanism
Shoulder straps for better security
Oh, great! You gonna post photos! Please! Please!
no photos yet, but here is a raw sketch:



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