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Most difficult fetish items to put on.
This thread was inspired by Ra's regarding chlorination of rubber and how it makes suiting-up easier. Let's post the most difficult items we  like to dress in.

These must be the all-time worst I have, my zipless rubber boots from  Ledapol. Don't get me wrong, they look stunning when they're on but  but getting into them is a nightmare and pulling them off even worse.

ledapol.jpg thumbnail   

That said, I have a pair of zipless nylon knee-boots from a (mainstream but quite upmarket) high street store that are nearly as difficult to pull on but I haven't taken a as pic yet. I'll do so.

Edit: here they are.

boots.JPG thumbnail   
I would generally note putting on any non-chlorinated latex on a sweaty skin using only talcum powder. Been there.. Took me ages to put on a catsuit in the changing room of Europerve... And also trying latex stuff on in off-line shops. Pfffff.....

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