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Electronic selfbondage and chastity box
Electronic selfbondage and chastity box

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Make your own naughty fleshy-items...
Ever had an idea of creating an object of your own desires and wanted it to feel “real”? Creating your own molds is really easy and fun. You may wonder what to use to fill those molds so that you get nice & fleshy results.

This stuff, I’ve used in the past and it’s basically what you get when you order a toy made of “RealSkin”,etc...

If you’re into tentacles, vore, or just want something to envelop your “bits-and-pieces” a bit differently than what nature intended, you can make it happen!
I find the "Face Off" competition show fascinating. Unfortunately I'm not an artist... And it turned out that even my fantasy and imagination are rudimentary.
A lot of the stuff you can do doesn’t need to be artful per-se. I once created a pair of super-thick, rubbery-blubbery panties which had an internal sheath and completely enveloped my hips and groin. VERY NAUGHTY SENSATIONS! 😁
(10 Sep 2018, 23:01 )TightSlip Wrote: I once created a pair of super-thick, rubbery-blubbery panties
What about a tutorial? 😋
Okie, it was a while ago but I’ll try to sketch out what I did:

  1. (2) 20 gal. Jumbo Zip-Lock storage bags
  2. (4) over-sized rubber bands
  3. Small stool
  4. Paint bucket
  5. Scissors
  6. ~3 gallons of Smooth-On silicone A/B compounds (skin-safe OY)
  1. Diagonal cut the bottom two corners of one bag, large enough to fit your upper thigh through.
  2. Test by stepping into the bag and pulling it up like a large diaper.
  3. Pull two of the rubber bands over each thigh where the plastic meets the skin.
  4. Practice by standing over the stool such that the plastic will be able to rest upon the seat when filled.
  5. Remove the rubber bands and step out of the plastic bag.
  6. Completely shave all areas which will be inside of the bag
  7. Prepare the desired quantities of smooth-on and keep the A/B components separate until you’re ready.
  8. Slather all body parts to be inside the bag with petroleum jelly.
  9. Once again, get into the bag and seal off your thighs with the rubber bands.
  10. Obviously, you’ll need to get yourself erect for this next part, whathever works best!
  11. Position yourself over the small stool and combine the A/B components of the silicon in the large paint bucket.
  12. Stir slowly so as to avoid air bubbles.
  13. Either have someone pour the mixture into the bag, or figure out a way to support the sides of the bag with suspenders, etc.
  14. You’ll have about 10 minutes to get yourself sorted and comfortable before the curing gets to a point where you just don’t want to move. Otherwise, you’ll get tears inside.
  15. You’ll feel a bit of warmth as the reaction takes place, but don’t worry. Your own body heat will actually help speed things along.
  16. The entire curing process will take about 30-40 minutes but can take upwards of an hour.
  17. Carefully slice down the sides of the bag down to your thigh using a butter knife and carefully slide out of the mold.
I probably forgot something, but that’s the general outline.
(11 Sep 2018, 00:31 )TightSlip Wrote: Obviously, you’ll need to get yourself erect for this next part, whathever works best!
If not, it can work as a chastity device 😋

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