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Mittens experiments
Just another fun thing I tried today.

I bought some winter-grade polyester leggings, because they are made of thick fabric. Tried them on my arms, and found out that I can make fairly comfortable mittens from them: Pull the legpiece as far as possible from the hand, put the hand in a fist, and wrap the legpiece around the wrist and tie it (just push the end through the loop once; friction will hold it in place). Repeat for the other hand. (If you need to, use a blunt knife to assist in tying the other hand.)
Then get some nice long and tight cotton stockings or socks, and pull them over the arms. You may need to use teeth to pull the socks. The sock will both smooth the shape, hiding the ugly knot around the wrist, and friction alone will hold it nicely in place, while its tightness will further compress the hands.
Then a pair of skin-colored cotton pantyhose, on the arms and pulled tight and smooth. This is for four purposes: aesthetic purposes, for tightness, for friction in a later part, and it locks the two previous steps in place, requiring the removal of this pantyhose before the two previous ones can be removed.
Then a tight T-shirt, which locks the pantyhose in place. (It would not lock the socks.) Secure the T-shirt with a belt on the waist. To remove the pantyhose, one must first untie the belt. The belt could be secured with a lock.

I really wanted to put on normal clothes and take a walk, but from past experience I know that that it's nearly impossible to get e.g. keys from a pocket with your hands wrapped in fists. Heheh. Or to manipulate a key in a door lock. I didn't want to risk it.

Then finally, a neoprene wetsuit. The cotton pantyhose on the arms provided such a friction against the neoprene that it was really difficult to push the fists through the wetsuit hand openings. I had to assist it with my teeth.

Things learned:
- Removing a wetsuit without fingers, with which to pinch and pull it, is really difficult 😊
- You don't need pantyhose to make pantyhose mittens. Leggings work just as well.
- A thick fabric works very well in pantyhose mittens. Thin fabric will sooner or later begin to chafe the wrists and block the circulation. The thick one has none of those problems. It was really comfortable.

EDIT: Did a second session, and this time it involved going outside for a walk. And using the lock in the belt, and putting the lock key in a water bottle and the bottle in a freezer.
- When wearing a wetsuit, you can technically wear it the wrong way and the right way. For my type of wetsuit, the right way is that the zipper is in the back. I found out that doing it the wrong way it is easy to don it, but really difficult to remove it without fingers. Doing it the right way, it is difficult to don it, especially closing the zipper (which I didn't fully manage), but easy to remove.
- Reaching for keys in a pocket turns out to be much easier when you turn the pocket upside down.
- Turning the door key was not the most difficult part. (Which I did rehearse before committing to the decision to go out.) The difficult part was in removing the key from the lock! My key ring has lots of keys, and the door has a huge handle right next to the key hole.
- Buttoning up a coat without fingers is difficult. (15-20 minutes)
- Winter time is ideal for this kind of exercise. No shortage of cool air, because in these layers it does get hot.
- It wasn't impossible to pull the shirt up despite the belt that I had pulled to the tightest position I possibly could. While my lock did function to prevent removal of the belt, it didn't prevent removing the shirt and the mittens.

EDIT: I tried a third thing with the same leggings. First I had ducttaped my feet into such positions that it's impossible to walk with them, and my face in such way that I was effectively both blindfolded and gagged. In addition, I ducttaped my fingers together and thumbs into the palms (before wearing the leggings on the arms), because the fist shape becomes strenuous after a while and I still wanted to disable the hands. Tying together the feet of the leggings that are on your arms, you form a loop. Wrap the loop around your waist, and you get a straitjacket. After a while, a thought crossed my mind to add the padlock into the straitjacket, locking the two sleeves together from between the wrists. Initially I considered it too dangerous, possibly inescapable, but the thought did not leave me, so I tried it. Lessons learned:
- Locking the lock is really, really difficult, especially if it's not a snap&click type locking, but one in which you need to turn the key to lock it. Locking the lock behind your back is even more difficult (if you prefer to put the hands behind your back), easily doubling the time needed to lock it even if you have a mirror.
- As long as you keep the key in the lock, unlocking the lock is not nearly as difficult as locking it is, but it still poses challenge.
- If you remove the key from the lock, then even if you know exactly where the key is despite being blindfolded, unlocking the lock becomes a serious ordeal. Been there, done that (not blindfolded).
Why don't you turn leggings inside out, made knots, then turn them back? In this case the knots will be inside the leggings and not visible from the outside. I use this method for pantyhose should an "unexpected hole" appear in the toe area or if you need sheer toe pantyhose but you do not have any close at hand.
(14 Jan 2013, 13:19 )Like Ra Wrote: Why don't you turn leggings inside out, made knots, then turn them back? In this case the knots will be inside the leggings and not visible from the outside.

I'm not sure what you mean by that. If you mean a knot that will close the opening, making it essentially a pantyhose, I don't see how it's relevant. If you mean the knot around the wrist that I was describing, turning them inside out would essentially accomplish handcuffs. I was only intending to immobilize the fingers and not the arms or the hands, at that point.
Ah, then I probably misunderstood what you actually did. Having photos usually helps 😉

Got the idea now.

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