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Merry Fetish Christmas!
Merry Christmas!

Have any kinky Christmas pictures?

Upload them here!
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Merry Kinky Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
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xmas-fetish-02.jpg    xmas-fetish-04.jpg    xmas-fetish-03.gif   
The 'Libidex' Christmas card...
Libidexcard (3).jpg   
Two small but red, rubbery and shiny photos:

xmas-fetish-05-latex.jpg    xmas-fetish-06-latex.jpg   
A seasonal themed posting for all

2112ea14_christmas.jpg    - very decorative
tumblr_mf0jt4m0FG1r925sdo1_1280.jpg    - self-bondage Christmas present idea?
tumblr_my7f1cd0hj1rcpetno1_1280.jpg    - who could resist?
tumblr_ng89n0k1xy1tw8ve5o1_400.jpg    - best use ever for a bauble
tumblr_ngvteeD2iG1subrqwo1_1280.jpg    - the traditional Boxing day hunt gets seriously kinky!

Enjoy and best wishes to all

(26 Dec 2014, 10:59 )madjack Wrote: [Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=13778] - best use ever for a bauble
Xpost to Unusual gags?
Excellent thread - a few more to add:

2412ea14_santa.jpg    - err...??
2512fd14_enka.jpg    - Christmas wishes

It had to be done - Kinky Christmas!

tightening-sissy-boys-tight-corset-rocket-dave.jpg    tumblr_oh0jonIy0W1s9ft1jo1_500.jpg    tumblr_ohqyb4QyId1s9ft1jo1_540.jpg   



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