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Man arrested for walking around Tokyo in woman's leotard.

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Love the pink leoatrd...
I agree with the article. While this is definitely a fetish and a bit exhibitionistic act, it's not offensive, but funny.

Quote:When a man posted on Twitter that he was about to go outside in nothing but a red leotard, white tights, and a pair of slippers while carrying a yellow children’s potty, he could never have imagined what would happen next.

As tweets appeared confirming that the man had been spotted outside a Tokyo station, everyone was surprised when the man was suddenly arrested. And not by the fashion police.

When the incident was reposted on, a surprisingly large number of netizens jumped to the man’s defense, emphasizing that while he was certainly a little bit strange, he couldn’t possibly have committed a crime.
From what we have been getting here in the news, it's a good thing he didn't do it in russia.
In Russia? Yeah, bad idea. Russia is extremely homophobic. I think the reason is the "prison sub-culture" where forced same-gender-sex is used to establish internal hierarchy. Passive gays are people of the lowest rank.
It seems being arrested was no deterrent as he's back with his own YouTube channel: omaru uwabaki. Maybe the police couldn't find an appropriate offence to charge him with?

Even stranger...


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